The Tree…

Its sparkly and shiny and IMHO not nearly full enough…
and then I suddenly realised I hadn’t put up any photos of our tree!
My Glugs has never had a tree this big- well, neither have I since its the first time I’m using it (it was NSNMOTB’s tree and I inherited it when they started planning to go to Oz)!
My Glugs helped me put it together since its in three pieces, and the knucklehead helped me with the lights, but I did the rest on my own.
And then I asked the knucklehead if he would at least put the angel on top of the tree so I can take a picture for my scrapping.

12 thoughts on “The Tree…

  1. Wow! It must be awful hot down there where you are! Just realized how strange it is to see someone without a shirt decorating a Christmas tree!

    Nice pictures, nice tree!

  2. I love the Tree…I need to do mine still!!!!!]
    The photo’s of decorations are so clear!!!

  3. tay: 😀

    dievangemerts: i love it!

    louisa: i found the glitterballs at clicks!

    being brazen: 😀

    meherenow: lol… i think he’d flip out in this heat!

    sleepyjane: why thank you

    eternally curious: elves? you have elves?

    harassedmomsramblings: did you see one of my reindeer only has one eye, lol?

  4. We have that same red reindeer 🙂

    Its very cool Angel!!

    Man I LOVE Christmas!!

  5. LOL @ Meherenow! Really nice tree, Angel! I have yet to decorate ours and our place. So much to do … so little time! Where are the elvs when I need them, eh? (^_^)

  6. You do realise that by knucklead putting the star on the tree with no top on its a contradiction in terms right?!? Make him do it again in a hand knitted,snowman encrusted jumper and hat ensemble!

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