All About Our 7th Annual Sibling Christmas Repast

We had a blast- as we always do!

Excitement reigned as we giggled at the oddly shaped and badly wrapped gift packages and packed the car when I picked up Sister B and da Bruvva at about 10am. We then drove through to Sister C’s place as it was her turn to play host this year, carting along our pillows and jammies as we planned to spend the night at her place.

As host, it was Sister C’s turn to provide the meat dish- and this year we were treated to feta, olive and sundried tomato stuffed chicken breasts. It was da Bruvva’s turn to supply a dessert- which consisted of fruit salad and custard this year. Sister B supplied the veggies- roasted whole and smothered in white sauce, and I brought a Greek salad and a huge tub of crabsticks in 1000 Island dressing since we all love them! Ooh- and I baked strawberry cupcakes and decorated them with cream cheese icing Christmas trees!

We chilled and chatted over snacky things before doing the gift swap- this year changing things up a little and instead of pulling a name and receiving that person’s gift- you gave your gift to the name you pulled out of the “reindeer food” bag.

Now, I’m not going to explain the whole concept again J (you can read up on our 2005, 2006 and 2007 parties here, here, here and here) but what it boils down to is us competing with each other to find the ugliest, kitschiest, most impractical gift possible and then having to display the one you receive in your house for a year- until it is replaced with the next one. And an ccidental breakage means it has to be repaired- and you cannot “display” it in a damp dark corner either.

This year went really well, erm… I mean badly…?!

Never mind.

I’ll start with the gift I found. It’s a hideous, huge vase painted with pink blotches and a flower thing on the front and has two massive handles. Candy got that one and it is now on a shelf in her living room (much to her other half’s dismay as her last few pressies were fairly small). Sister B found a plate shaped like a pumpkin with a matching salt and pepper shaker- which I got and which is now displayed on a shelf in our kitchen. Sister C found a kind of retro floral tapestry reminiscent of the 70s in shades of brown and orange, which is framed and even has a dead bug in it- and this masterpiece will be hanging in da Bruvva’s room for a year! da Bruvva’s contribution this year is one of those welded metal birds that you see for sale on the side of South African roads, and Sister B is rather chuffed that she got it because even though da Bruvva thinks its hideous (and it looks a little like a deformed cross between a guinea fowl and a peacock)- Sister B thinks its bearable, much to my BIL’s delight. This happens occasionally. Sister C has twice received something that wasn’t completely repulsive to her, I have received one and now Sister B has one too.

Deciding on the winner of this year’s contest was a very tough call between myself and Sister C, with Sister C getting the nod from most of us for the 70s tapestry.

After we’d eaten, we started playing games. We played “Sorry” which was a blast, then several hands of “Uno”, and when Sister C’s other half got home I introduced him to “Jenga”, and we played that for the rest of the night!

The next morning we were all up early- being a little farm my Sister C doesn’t get to sleep late- and we had eggs on toast for breakfast before loading everything into the car for the trip home again.

This year was the 6th time we’ve done the nasty gift exchange, and it was our 7th annual Christmas party! The reason we decided to have them was because siblings tend to spend less and less time with each other as they grow older and have to start sharing special days- like Christmas- with family-in-law. With us being as close as we are, we miss not often getting to have Christmas with all four of us and our kidlets and families together, so we made a plan to reconnect (so to speak) with just the four of us once a year.

I am so super lucky that the four of us get on as well as we do Y, and next year that trophy’s going to be mine again!!!

…come play on my rollercoaster…

10 thoughts on “All About Our 7th Annual Sibling Christmas Repast

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  2. Hey Angel, we have a similar tradition with my sister and her husband!! It’s a ball, we have a great party with the gag gifts!!

  3. wow you had a *crazy* time together…traditions I’ve never heard of before…sounds great…
    Hope you well??

  4. tay: indeed…

    louisa: we did, and we will!

    phillygirl: its great fun- and we spend months looking for the perfect gift!

    nosjunkie: hey stranger! so where are you blogging now?

  5. hahahahaha thats terrible angel absoluetly terrible so bad infact that I want to arrancge something as bad for my friends most of them are a bit OCD so putting a pumkin in their kitchen sounds like great sport

    Im back at blogger by the way writing like a deamon

  6. Aw, that is an absolutely awesome tradition 🙂 I’m a little jealous … and I love that you a) have to try and buy the most hideous gift and b) display it for the whole year! Brilliant.

    Sounds like you all had an absolute blast 🙂

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