It Was My Party…

And I had so much fun.
This was easily the best birthday party I have ever had, I had so many visitors and so many gifts, it was simply spectacular!

I received so many awesome gifts!!!
My Glugster gave me my divine new camera (which you already know); my mommy and daddy darling gave me a multi-coloured feather handbag stuffed with socks; Tamara gave me a new cake holder, a bag of divine chocolate covered nougat and a necklace; my Sister B and her men gave me potholders emblazoned with cupcakes and a cupcake kitchen timer; Sister C and her significant other gave me cash; my friend Charlene and her hubby gave me scrapbooking goodies, a ring and matching bracelet, a feathered fan and a funky pen!!! Glugster’s sister gave me two coffee cups with cupcakes on them and his folks gave me jewel-toned candles in a wooden tray. My tjommie Sweets gave me a cupcake shaped cookie-jar filled with sweets and a candle and a pencil from “Kaalkop”!! Phillygirl and her other half brought me an exquisite bouquet of flowers; my knucklehead’s godmother gave me handbag bling and a candle that looks like a cupcake; my friend Debbie and her kidlets gave me a gawjiss tie-dyed skirt decorated with tiny bells and mirrors (which I wore all day Monday); Louisa gave me mango bubble bath and I got smellies from Glugster’s bestest best friend and his family. And my Glugster organised with my special blog friend Dawn in New Jersey- who is an expat and has family in Joburg- to get me an exquisite ring from Dawn and DDTF and their son Ross… it was such an awesome surprise!
Ooh I hope that’s everyone… I was going to wait till everyone had gone home before I opened my gifts, (as etiquette dictates) and keep a list of who gave me what so I do hope I didn’t mix anything up… but I was hopelessly outvoted by my guests, so I opened them all with everyone watching!
We braaid, and I made a couple of salads, and we partied up a storm I tell you! I also baked strawberry cupcakes with butter icing and a strawberry jelly sweet on top, and peanut butter cupcakes with caramel and silver balls on. I bought a vanilla sponge cake which I then iced and put two candles on top- a 3 and a 5!
My family and the Glugster’s family met for the first time today too. Glugs’ sister J is a muso, and when she started playing guitar da Bruvva and sister B were very quick to join in the singing. By the end of the day you’d think we’d known each other for years!

Bunnies, it was quite simply- without a doubt- the most amazing birthday I have every had!

10 thoughts on “It Was My Party…

  1. Birthday bliss! Cupcakes! Yay it sounds like you had a blast and I’m truly jealous of your excellent pressie haul. I wish you, the knucklehead and the Glugster a most blessed Christmas.

  2. Yummy cupcakes of yumminess! Sounds like you had a blast!

    Say, more of my vid is up, BTW.

  3. Sup Angel

    Its good to see that you and Glugs is still raping the world with fun…

    BTW when am I getting my cupcake 🙂

  4. Sounds like a grand party! I wish I had been there.

    May all of the Hope, Peace, Love, & Joy of the Christ child be with you & yours!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. How totally awesome!! So happy for you!! Sounds like a stunning loot 🙂

    I saw the most stunning cupcake stuff at Mr Price today – EVERYTHING had cupcakes on – thought of you – lol – they had that timer 🙂

  6. Oh Wow – Looks like you did indeed have an awesome party! Love the pressies…..

    Merry Christmas for Thursday and have a safe journey….


  7. Oh me too – it just makes we want to eat cupcakes, buy cupcakes, make cupcakes… I’m in a cupcake frenzy! Happy Birthday! x

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