Cape Town, Cape Town… Whyfore Art Thou So Far Away (PART ONE)

I am so sorry this has taken so long- but we did so much, and I really didn’t want to bore you to tears…!

Lemme tell you bunnies, the memories I had of visiting Cape Town with my parents in about 1978, and then a visit again with my Sister B in about 1985 were fond ones. Returning as an adult simply reinforced those memories!

Of course, going back there with the two men I love most was simply awesome, and my darling Glugster made sure we had a holiday we’ll never forget!

We had so many adventures! An open boat trip out to Seal Island in False Bay on my birthday- in the rain! Going up Table Mountain in the cable car and freezing our backsides off at the top in the clouds! Meeting several bloggers at the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay! Touring some of the Stellenbosch wine route! Then what we all reckon was the highlight of our holiday- taking Damien to Gansbaai so he could do a cage dive with great white sharks! Sleeping in twin beds for our entire holiday! Wow… It was so very awesome to come home to our own bed lemme tell you!

I’ve split our holiday into three parts, so you’re welcome to skim them, or just check out the photos on Flickr, Facebook (only if we’re friends there though, sorry) and on my photoblog– where I have loaded my personal favourites from the trip.

You know, what’s wonderful about being a touristy-type of visitor to the Cape, is all the sunshine in summer! We could sleep late and enjoy being on holiday and STILL have a full day’s worth of daylight to drive around and visit places! It’s so cool!

It is 1521km* from our home to Glugster’s brother’s house in Plumstead where we stayed. We decided to drive down over two days instead of flying- to see the sights along the way and to have a car at our disposal when we got there. It was fantastic- we have such a comfortable car… the only mistake we made was leaving it too late to find overnight accommodation for the halfway point.


Here’re the details!

Friday and Saturday- December 26th and 27th– was the drive down. On the Friday we were on the road for about 6 hours, stopping for lunch at an Engen 1-stop along the way. Gotta love Wimpy! We stayed overnight at !Gariep Dam at a little place called Abancidou, which was a bit like being at veldschool+, with twin beds and interconnecting rooms! The curtains didn’t match the duvet covers, the metal beds were different sizes (we tried to push them together) and there was no hot water to shower with! We drove around to see the few sights- like the dam wall which is very impressive- and then had a buffet supper at the quite snazzy hotel which overlooks the dam.

On the Saturday we were on the road for about 12 hours; but this included stopping for breakfast in Colesberg (Wimpy again), and lunch in Laingsburg (Steers this time), and stopping in Matjiesfontein on my daddy darling’s recommendation. There’s a Post Office Museum, and a cottage that is labeled as Olive Schreiner’s- but being late on a Saturday they were closed. The Transport Museum and junk Marie Rawdon Collection was very interesting though. Incredibly, there are no signboards for Matjiesfontein except for the 4 star Lord Milner hotel itself; but there are lots of little museums and so much to see! And it’s the birth place of the Standard Bank! The trip through the Karoo is long and fairly dull, though we did some bird watching and I love to photograph the tumble-down houses we see, and the road signs, so it wasn’t too bad.

We arrived at Glugster’s brother’s place in Plumstead late on Saturday evening, and then went very quickly to Muizenberg beach to stick our toes in the sand! The beach was almost deserted and I took a few of my favourite pictures there, of the coloured wooden beach huts. Glugster’s brother made spaghetti bolognaise for supper, and we were in bed shortly afterwards!

Sunday December 28th was my actual 35th birthday- and we drove to Muizenberg first as Damien wanted to swim in the tidal pools… all the locals out in force though, so apart from popping into a couple of shops to look for snorkel and goggles- we stopped briefly and climbed on the rocks before driving through to Simonstown. There we had a fantabulous fried fish and calamari (which was like butter) lunch at “Bertha’s” overlooking the harbour, and saw the bronze Just Nuisance memorial statue, with its nose rubbed clean (my Ouma actually saw this dog when she was stationed in the Cape during WW2). While we were eating we decided to take a boat trip out to Seal Island in False Bay. Lunch was sunny, but when we went to the boat it started clouding over. Glugs and Damien were SO game, but I was terrified. I mean, I don’t even do rollercoasters, let alone go out to sea on an open boat, but we went anyway- with me screaming my head off every time the boat went down into a dip, leaving my stomach on the crest behind it! My Glugster laughed at me so much on that little outing, bunnies… and getting back to Simonstown DRIPPING wet- so much so that I took my denim skirt off standing next to the car in the parking lot, outside Bertha’s. It rained almost all the way to the island, though it let up a little while we went around it, and then pelted down again going back to the harbour! Seal Island is small but it was covered with seals and seal pups, and because of the weather I couldn’t take any photographs L! It was very entertaining. We then went straight home to warm up a little, and later we went to the V&A Waterfront for a sushi supper at CTFM, and then strolled around seeing the sights… V&A is HUGE, and I dearly wanted to go back and spend a day there, but we just didn’t get there!!!

*950 miles for those non-metric folk out there

+erm, hard to explain… I dunno if it happens anymore, but in the “old” South Africa (where I grew up) it was a kinda like a forced week-long excursion with your classmates twice in your school career (grade 7 and grade 10) with boys and girls going to two different places, they did leadership testing stuff and obstacle courses and camping and all sorts. Some of it was fun… I s’pose… but what I’m trying to get at is that the places are the bare minimum of facilities. Steel frame beds, thin mattresses, your own sleeping bag and pillow, and way too much walking and shit for my liking…

10 thoughts on “Cape Town, Cape Town… Whyfore Art Thou So Far Away (PART ONE)

  1. There now … I’m all caught up on what’s been up with you Angel! I applaud and support the way you and Glugs discussed and have decided to handle the baby issue. And good job too on telling the parents! My very best to you both, always. And what great fun reading about your vacation and travels! And Damien shaving? Wow! Naughty of him to not let you take a pic tho! Maybe he can draw it? A self-portrait type of thing? Hmmmm …

  2. Sounds like you had a good time Angel, although you’re so fearless so I can’t believe you’re freaked out by boats?! 😛

    Love the F.Y.I. sticky you’ve put up by the way.

  3. My boss went somewhere in Africa a few years ago, but more north. They worked on an orphanage for one week, toured the next. She says she wants to return to Capetown in a few years. (When the economy is hopefully in better shape.)

    Maybe I should just forward your post to her.

    How’s dat baby making project coming along? 🙂

  4. when I visit CT I also spend lots of my time with my son, DIL and my 3 grandchildren who live in Plumstead, the rest of my family are spread all over…Hout Bay, Noordhoek, Durbanville, Melkbos and Somerset West.

    I LOVE CAPE TOWN, miss it so much. Going home in 6 weeks time, cant wait.

  5. Sounds great! I was in CT in August on tour and it’s so beautiful . It made me want to move there. Life in the Cape definately seems to move more slowly than up here in Gauteng.

  6. Was a really cool holiday babes! And I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with you and D.

  7. WOW! What a holiday, it sound like you had a blast! Apart from the no hot shower that is, hee hee! Will have a look at at the pics now!

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