Right- Own Up!

Why are you not viewing and commenting on my FLICKR photos!!?!?! They’re fargin, awesome in my humble opinion…
I’m certainly not a “Jenty“, trust me… but I do have fun!

11 thoughts on “Right- Own Up!

  1. supermom: and i added you- thanx!

    laura: 😀
    you don’t need to stick it on a daily list!

    janew: i saw you’d been there- thanx!

  2. Hey I HAVE been!! 😛 Before you posted this, I just have limited time and opportunity from work. But they are awesome photos I am loving them!

  3. LOL cos I didnt realise you had a flickr thing!!

    Will make sure its on my daily list of things to read 🙂

  4. marcelle: 🙂 i posted pictures from my holiday on my FLICKR account

    dievangemerts: 🙂

    thomas: click on the word “flickr” to open the link… its one of those photo-hosting sites!

    meherenow: hhmmm… i spose you’re kinda right about the commenting… and i’ll be selecting some from that collection to do a scrapbook on!

    jeanette: ta muchly…

    acidicice: hardly ever!

  5. I’ve looked at them but commenting on Flickr is a righ royal pain in the a…..rm!
    There’s some fantastic shots on there the shark ones and the mountain ones stood out for me. Them and the ones of you and The Glugster obviously! Also there’s a couple of knucklehead that I thought were gorgeous – real ‘family album’ type ones.

  6. I looked already wena!!!!! Just have not commented cause then I have to log into flickr – Don’t I? MWA to you my friend!!!!

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