Oh My Frikkin Word…

I’m going to see Jeremy and the Hamster live!

In the flesh!!

At the “Gala Evening” on Thursday no less!!!

My darling Glugster has bought us some awesomely located tickets to MPH!!!
Oh my word… every time I think about it I get so excited I practically squeal in my head (
my Glugs is still sleeping) and want to clap my hands!!!
~~deeeep breath~~
Don’t hate me…

11 thoughts on “Oh My Frikkin Word…

  1. It’s so exciting yeah?!
    I can’t wait!
    And we got VIP tickets for the show so yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    Saturday can not get here quick enough!

    And you have to tell me if the site was telling the truth when they said you can have a go around the test track!

  2. Richard Hammond is my weird celebrity crush. I believe that he’s very little though.


  3. Oh wow, so cool! They just started showing that show over here on our BBC channel. I have not caught it yet, but it looks terribly fun!

  4. Oooh that’s such great news Angel! Count me jealous, those guys are a riot.

    Hope you enjoy it, and you better come tell us everything afterwards (and of course wave to the camera so we can see you when we watch it on the TV later). 😉

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