Blogosphere Baby Making Madness

So did you think there were a lot of celebrity baby bumps in 2008, with lots of twins and some rather odd monikers!!?!?

Well celebrities ain’t got a patch on the blogosphere bunnies! Take a look at this list… these are already preggy bloggers who are due this year.

First up is Lunanik who is taking it very easy blogwise, and is due mid- to late April 2009. Then Tertia of the famous “So Close” is due in early June 2009. Heather AKA “Dooce” is due mid-June 2009 with her second baby. mommanats, who I am proud to say I met in real life late last year, is due in early July 2009 with kidlet #2 and Arkwife, who is a real life BlogGirls friend of mine, is due late July 2009 with her first!

That’s 5 blogosphere babies due in 2009! Take that, celebribabies!!!

And then there are a few other “trying to be preggy bloggers”- apart from myself and my Glugster that is.

AND a couple of my regular reads have hinted at their knowing about other bloggers being pregnant- but aren’t saying who they are… so brace yourselves bunnies!

Kai is a writer and gamer, and she’s about to head down this road. acidicice and her hubby suffered a dreadful loss last year, and I read about it with tears in my eyes (you can read about it there), we met them at a blog-meet in Cape Town and they’re really cool people! Tay is new to this game, and she and her Hottie are hard at work, heh heh! Phats is a newly wed, so he and his sweetheart are trying for their first child!

And last but not least, two couples- Dino and Grumpy, and Darla and Mr Darla (both of whom I’ve been reading for a really long time), have been working at it for a while and are sadly have had to resort to seeking various treatments.

That’s a lot of baby-making for one link list don’t you think (erm, I mean my link list of course)?

And erring on the side of being positive about the whole thing, my Glugster and I have already chosen names for our future kidlet! Is this a good thing? Are there superstitions attached to choosing names before you’re pregnant? I dunno- it’s going to be pretty much like starting over again for me with the knucklehead almost 18 years old and shaving!

Ooh, and I surprised myself in that we decided to go with family names- from his side! My knucklehead’s second name is a family name, but mine and my siblings’ names (besides my da Bruvva’s other names) are not family names at all. Family names were never a big “issue” for me, in fact I coulda given some celebrities a run for their money in terms of way-out names when I was still young and stupid thinking another baby may be a good idea.

So if we have a boy, he’ll be named after his father, and if we have a girl she’ll be named “Caitlin“, with my mother’s name for a second name. I think we’ve chosen really nice ones too if I say so myself.

Glugs and I have now started taking Fertiboost, and I’m taking Pregnavit, and we bought an ovulation microscope! I didn’t even know things like this existed until Glugs and I started talking about it. For obvious reasons, he’s done a lot more research than I have, but I’m catching up slowly… Its still a little scary to even consider the fact that I may not fall pregnant at all- I never even thought of this as a possibility for me. The women in my family were practically born to breed as my mother likes to say, and the fact that we’ve been trying for a while already with no result is quite incredible to me! I refuse to worry about it though, we’re not going to let it get to us!

Oh, and I forgot to add previously, that the knucklehead has no qualms about being a big brother… he has other stuff on his mind, like where to get more music for his iPOD, trying not to make his babe-spotting too obvious, and planning his 18th birthday party!

10 thoughts on “Blogosphere Baby Making Madness

  1. tay: click on the link! its something my glugs found and researched- a herbal and homeopathic “remedy” that boosts male and female fertility.

    amanda: i’ll go’n take a look. thanx for the award!

    acidicice: big hugs girl… i think you’re allowed to be pissed off after what you’ve been through!

    janew: thank goodness dreams are usually the opposite of what’s going on!

    the jackson files: it was very cool to see you again too! now step awaaaaaaay from the broodiness…

    kai: my apologies, you mentioned you were heading down that road a while ago and i assumed.

    wenchy: lol…

    jeanette: so do we…

  2. Eh.
    We’re planning on it ‘eventually’. Married first which is two years away at this rate – so short of an accident or there’s a specific issue that means we’re reorganising our plans to make ‘it’ happen this year, then we’re not getting to. Not for my want of hoping though 😉

  3. I want another baby toooooooooooo.

    It was great to see you again on the weekend.

  4. I actually dreamed I was 5 months pregnant last night. It was a bit weird and freaky!

    For the record I am neither pregnant, nor trying, nor intending to be pregnant this year. Ta.

    Good luck and enjoy to all those trying and/or currently pregnant. 🙂

  5. Pfft. I’m not in a baby making mood at the moment and I’m probably ovulating!!! I hate the thought of skipping a month of opportunity…

    I’m so freaking confused!

    I’m glad you’re staying positive about it and I hope that the obstacles in your way are swept aside with ease.

    I guess I’ll need to pray about it some more.

  6. Hi Angel why don’t you go check out for some OPK’s and stuff. It’s my sister’s website, or just click on the link on my blog. Her and her hubby’s been trying for 6 years, and she knows alot about getting pregnant.
    BTW, I gave you an award on my blog, you haven’t checked it out yet!

  7. LOL! Certainly seems like bloggers baby boom! Holding thumbs for you Angel 🙂 Last week was rough, will post about it in a bit. In a nutshell Hottie and I need to keep trying! Ps. Fertiboost? Tell me more?

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