Holy Crap…

My son has a step mom.
I don’t think it ever occurred to me- but technically he has a step mother because his biological father is married.
That seems very strange to me…

11 thoughts on “Holy Crap…

  1. lulu: wow… like sleepyjane says, its just a title.

    janew: i never thought about it… but now with his 18th looming and the statute of limitations running out on legal paternal responsibility, i think more and more about what can happen if he meets his father!

    glugster: i have no clue!

    sleepyjane: and when he does meet her, maybe he’ll be a grownup already!

    thomas: ja…

    tamara: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa… does it still count at that age?

    amanda: i have no idea what she’s like…

    marcelle: and i’ll never be a stepmom…

    wenchy: s’funny the stuff we don’t think of, eh?

  2. I had that thought as well…with my kids and their *step mom* – but guess I’m also one..
    so confusing this whole step mom thing!!

  3. As long as she’s not a step-monster, I’m sure it will be fine. I have a step-mom, she was a bit hectic in the beginning, but she’s chilled out alot now!

  4. I remember my dad realising that he’d acquired a stepmom at the age of 50-something when his father remarried at the age of 70-something. It’s a weird concept.

  5. I guess it is a bit strange. Those kind of moments, when yo usit back and realise something you’d been missing are always a little bit wierd:)

  6. What’s in a name right? 😉

    Kinda freaky though, at least he doesn’t have to put up with her.

  7. LOL had you never realised?

    My ex doesn’t seem to be dating (or doing much at all right now) but I guess we’ll get to that point one day too… It must be a little odd, hey?

  8. LOL! It is strange to me too, T is on his SECOND stepmom…………though never spending time with his father etc does it really rate as a stepmom? That is what is strange to me??

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