I Have Just Two Words.

Saturday was the first BlogGirls meet for this year, and it was SOOO much fun! I baked two different batches of cupcakes to test on the girls (out of my new recipe book). The upside down apple tart ones were yummy, but the strawberry-cheesecake-cupcakes were by far the favourite!!

The first meet for the year was attended by Glad To Be A Girl (the brains behind the operation), Louisa from 1-2-3 Blog Myself, Expensive Mistakes Cheap Thrills, The Jackson Files and Ms Mozi. Laura from Harassed Mom attended for the first time, and an old friend also made an appearance- none other than Sweets!

I so look forward to these meetings, it’s very cool to meet people whose lives you share online! And its so much more than just the fact that we all blog…

We drank far too many cocktails, I smoked way too many cigarettes, and we eventually went home when it started getting dark.

TanFastic I tell you!

So keep your eye on my sidebar to see if I update the BlogGirls icon with date details, otherwise click on the link and go see the wiki!

7 thoughts on “I Have Just Two Words.

  1. I’m SUPER jealous 🙁
    The cupcakes sound awesome! I would definitely cheat on my diet for some!
    This is the ONLY reason I wish I was in JHB.

  2. laura: waaayyyyy too many cocktails! it was a blast!

    louisa: me either!

    tamara: i’ll make more…

  3. It was really great seeing you again too Angel, and those cupcakes were simply amazing! Can’t wait for the next event.

  4. It was super cool 🙂 Ja and WAY too many cocktails ;-p

    I am so glad I have joined – it really is an awesome bunch!

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