Bloggers Who Blow My Mind

I realised the other day that it has again been a long time since I awarded a few of the bloggers I read for blowing my mind! So without further ado, here’s the newest list of seven.

The following bloggers get this here award to display on their sidebars- or wherever because for numerous reasons I keep going back to them…
Some of them I identify with on a very deep and personal level. Some of them are so smart and insightful its like “woah“! Some of the are hysterically funny. And all of whom- in this case- I have been lucky enough to meet and greet in real life! And some of them are all of the above! And another point- this time they’re all women, you go girls!
Right-click and save-as and so on and so forth!!!

15 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Blow My Mind

  1. bless you chick. love you loads. you know, very well, how much YOU inspire ME.

    thank you for existing XXX

  2. From a former recipient of this prestigious award – hearty CONGRATS to all!

    I’m off now to read all of your blogs…

  3. exmi, sleepyjane, tamara, arkwife, wenchy, ruby: only a pleasure!!!

    thomas: my pleasure!

    the jackson files: why thank you!

    acidicice: i think you’d love them… but a too long read list isn’t lekker!

    malicious intent: thank you! as do you!

  4. Damn, I missed again…and I even posted boobies tonight.
    I am losing my edge somewhere. Must be the drugs.

    You still rock!

  5. Oh wow!!! thank you so much angel!!! and now I feel even more guilty for not being such an active blogger the last 2 months:(

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