I now know why the teagirl slash cleaning lady at one of my client’s offices never refills the handtowel dispenser in the ladies bathroom…


Guess who’ll be making her own coffee and washing her own cup and everything from now on!!!

13 thoughts on “Eeeeuuuuwwwwww…!

  1. Poor hygiene puts me off travelling to third world countries, especially in places where water is a scarce and toilet paper is non-existent.
    A fair number of men in the UK don’t wash their hands after doing a poo, so I’m like you, Angel, when opening doors in public places.

  2. I’ve become quite anal about this myself lately! Apparently one of the ladies that works in our kitchen with the FOOD doesn’t wash her hands. Can you say “packed lunch”?

  3. all bunnies: i am so glad you all agree!!!
    i usually make my own coffee, but she collects the cups and washes them… and i have a thing about germs!
    i can’t touch my clients’ keyboards without flinching and then disinfecting. i open and close most doors at my clients’ and in malls and such using my bum, elbow, shirt/tissue-covered hand…
    and you’re so right marcelle- i still can’t get over it!

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