Oh, I’m A Petrolhead Alright…

I cannot WAIT for the start of the 2009 F1 season, it’s a little over six weeks away, and it seems like forevaaahhhhh!!!!

Hey- what say we organise something for those of us who do watch to get together for the first race of the season- which is at 8AM, so luckily not as early as last year? I know Wenchy’s Noid and Tamara both watch, so at least our other halves can keep each other company…? It’s a pity you aren’t nearer Lopz, you could join us too!

Here’s the 2009 calendar for those who are interested…

Australian Grand Prix 29 March, 8h00

Malaysian Grand Prix 5 April, 11h00

Chinese Grand Prix 19 April, 9h00

Bahrain Grand Prix 26 April, 14h00

Spanish Grand Prix 10 May, 14h00

Monaco Grand Prix 24 May, 14h00

Turkish Grand Prix 7 June, 14h00

British Grand Prix 21 June, 14h00

German Grand Prix 12 July, 14h00

Hungarian Grand Prix 26 July, 14h00

European Grand Prix 23 August, 14h00

Belgian Grand Prix 30 August, 14h00

Italian Grand Prix 13 September, 14h00

Singapore Grand Prix 27 September, 14h00 (night race)

Japanese Grand Prix 4 October, 07h00

Brazilian Grand Prix 18 October, 18h00

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 1 November, 13h00

And have you SEEN some of this season’s new cars?!!??? Absolute stunners, most of them. Then again, the McLarens and BMWs have to look good since that’s all that’s on their side… the Ferraris, however, are always aesthetically pleasing, so no surprise there.


There are- as always- rule changes for the new season. And as always, some of them I’m not at all pleased about and others may make things more interesting! KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)- should be interesting; slick tyres (I like!); revised aerodynamics; safety-car pitting rule change; upgraded engines; in-season testing- I can understand why they took this out, and I think it’s fair

I think its going to be a stonking season!!

5 thoughts on “Oh, I’m A Petrolhead Alright…

  1. Hmmm… dunno if I can handle watching with a bunch of Ferrari fans.

    Although it might be fun to point out the fact that it was Lewis who won the drivers’ championship in a McLaren last year every five minutes or so…

  2. Heinz and I are huge F1 fans…have been to watch one which added to the addiction…
    The season starts while I’m on holiday in CT and none of my family are fans, so will have to watch on my own till I get back to Germany to watch with hubby.

    Heinz hates the new cars…he shows me the differences…but to me its all good.

  3. I used to watch F1 until I got bored of Schumacher. I guess, now that he’s long gone, I’ll have to pick it up again!

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