Our Family Is Pretty Tight

This was from my mom, she wrote it after my daddy darling and I had a big fight last week Thursday…

Last nite there was some drama.
Emotions ran raw and high.
Things were said and opinions expressed.
Last nite there was some pain.
There were bitter tears
and disagreement.
Nothing much was gained.
Last nite left me sad,
useless ……..
Scared of the tomorrows for the boy.
Torn between two parties –
No three.
the boy, precious grandson, soon to be a man,
the mother, my child, in agony,
for my husband – harsh and so angry.
Last nite cannot be undone.
Words cannot be unsaid.
But our family-love is strong,
together we shall forge the road ahead.
It grieves me that it left my precious daughter
feeling so hollow, so hurt,
my grandson lost and confused …..
today there will be forgiving.

7 thoughts on “Our Family Is Pretty Tight

  1. Really beautiful! I like that fact that she ends it with forgiving. Forgiving isn’t the easiest thing to do, even with family.

    P.S. I feel like stealing your FYI from the left again *sigh*

  2. Wow, what a clever mom you have. Sorry to hear about your argument – I really hope all will be cleared up soon. xx

  3. Your mother is incredible…I can see where you get your wonderful.

    I wish I had a relationship like that, or even a slither of it. My father is banned from our kids, home, life. My mother is trying but has always not known what to do.

    That was so touching, and what caught my attention was that she validated your pain and knuckleheads and acknowledged the whole situation and how important it is to move forward.

    I hope things heal over sooner rather than later. You need the support right now more than ever.

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