Do you want to know what drives me absolutely batshit insane with my darling Damien??

The fact that he forgets he’s actually in the doghouse!

We went last Thursday night to ask for my dad’s help (in terms of having Damien for the next two weeks to make sure he doesn’t get up to mischief and to make sure he tries to keep up with his school work).

My dad is not happy with the knucklehead, he’s very disappointed. And we clashed badly on Thursday night when he confronted Damien about the grass smoking and they had a row, leaving Damien in tears and threatening to run away- which makes my dad even more upset because he feels Damien shouldn’t be so “emotional”.

I then confronted my dad about his climbing into Damien because he is one of the few people I have been unable to get through to in terms of Damien’s ADHD… and how Damien is emotionally immature. And of course him yelling at and belittling and trying to use reverse psychology and sarcasm is not going to stop Damien doing whatever it is he’s doing- as my dad seems to think.

And we had a big fight about it with me in tears and then leaving early- but in the process of arguing with my daddy darling I didn’t have the words to tell him why I was so upset.


n Saturday, we visited my folks. Partly to try and make up, and partly to visit my nephew N who was visiting da Bruvva for the weekend. And we stayed. We watched Super 14 rugby, and ordered burgers for supper.
We had a pleasant afternoon. AND the Bulls won!

Then on Sunday, when I reminded Damien that he would have to be up early on Monday and have his school bag ready to go to his grampa- he completely lost his cool again and spent the rest of the evening slamming doors and growling.

Then last Thursday, when I fetched him from my folks, he tells me he may have a date on Saturday night- he’s just waiting for his new girlfriend to confirm. I coff- politely- and remind him that he’s suspended from school, which pretty much implies that gallivanting of any sort is not really an option. He starts beating his chest and wailing and tearing his clothes and heaping ash on his head… kidding- but he might as well have! I warned him that if he dared growl at me I’d take him straight back to my folks’ place and leave him there till he went back to school!

I work hard- with my Glugster’s endless help- not to lose my cool because then we just end up having a screaming match and we’re both in tears, the knucklehead and I that is.

It’s almost as if he expects us all to stay home, indoors, and not do anything “fun” until he’s no longer “in trouble”.

7 thoughts on “Ggrrrrr.

  1. simply-mel: thank you- and i so know how much support i have! i couldn’t do this without all the back up!!

    anonymous: thank you! and do please tell me who you are- you didn’t leave your name!

    m.i.: you are so right…
    and a pie-charrt may just work! strawberry or apple?

    laura: maybe we should get together and do a powerpoint presentation like m.i. suggested?

    acidicice: as am i… i could never say how much!

  2. You are oh so patient, angel. Kids have short memories. I’m glad Glugs is there to help you out πŸ™‚

  3. I totally understand the grandparent/parent problem! Happens here too and its hard!!!

    I really have no idea what to suggest – its a game of trial and error!

    ((HUGS)) my friend

  4. It is so hard to get the grandparents and other family/friends to realize that the whole reverse psychology does not work, in fact it only feeds into the problems. It is hard for folks to do the opposite of what they were taught to do when it comes to parenting.

    A good saying is “Major the Major and Minor the Minors” or don’t sweat the small stuff, choose your battles wisely. For any kids with developmental disabilities, any kind of attention is good attention, negative or positive. So they need to learn to ignore the negative, give him no attention for it, just redirect and give little else, and then praise them like there was no tomorrow for every little and big thing they do write.

    That is opposite of what most do without thinking. It is hard to train them otherwise.

    Maybe you can use visuals, like pie charts or power points. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh Angel, I havent said much lately cos I have no words for what you are going through.

    One thing is sure; you have so many around you who love and support you. You guys WILL make it through. Be strong and know that LOTS of us are rooting for your family.

    You are an amazing chick.

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