LOL and ADD…

I thought I’d introduce you to a couple of bloggers quick-like.

Jozi Journo is relatively new to the blogosphere, and I started visiting her when she commented on my blog (you see, you comment I follow). She is exactly what her name says she is- a journalist living and working in Joburg, and she’s a single mom to a little drama queen, and she has me laughing out loud when I read her blog!

And Hard Spear is a blogger I started reading a while ago, and I think his blog may well be how Glugs and I found each other originally… Spear went into hibernation when he changed jobs and recently he’s returned to us and I for one welcomed him with open arms! He’s an adult with ADD and he blogs about what its like to live with it. He’s an awesome dude and very entertaining!
So there you go- go see what I like about them!

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  1. Angel, I am positively basking in the link-love and nice things you wrote about me – thank you!

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