Watchmen? More Like Watchout!

It was disturbing in places, but boring overall.

Does that make any sense?

We went out on Saturday night for what might have been a date-night had Damien been able to meet up with his current MXit-only girlfriend… instead it was the 3 of us. We haven’t been to a movie together in a while so it was fun for a change. The knucklehead was in high spirits too, which made it pleasant.
We went to the Greek restaurant, Pappas, for a fabulous supper- but missed the plate breaking because we already had movie tickets.
Now, all 3 of us being big fans of the comic-book-brought-to-life movie genre, we were keen to see “Watchmen” on the big screen after seeing the trailers on TV. And knowing it was done by the people who did “300” I was expecting something a little extreme- but I was wholly unprepared for this one.

It made me cringe in a few places, and at one point I actually covered my eyes- but the rest of the time it was rather dull. I must be honest and say I am not a big comic book reader, I never have been, so I don’t know the “history” of the characters being portrayed in the movie… but forkitall, I was expecting a super-hero movie with a “Sin City” vibe to it, and I liked Sin City!

This was not it. It had the “Sin City” type of feel about it- but these characters were twisted for the most part. I wanted to cover Damien’s eyes on a couple of occasions!!

And now the mommy in me really comes out- so brace yourselves…

This movie should have had a much higher than NPU16 age restriction. And I know there were kids in that theatre younger than 16 years old. The violence is exceptionally graphic, and I don’t cringe easily. Dogs fighting over a dismembered child’s foot, full frontal male nudity, and soft-porn sex scenes make for an 18 restriction at least IMHO.


Had we been watching this at home, I would have turned it off and not let Damien watch it at all. And at over 2 hours long, it wasn’t worth the money we spent to see it.

18 thoughts on “Watchmen? More Like Watchout!

  1. The movie was excellent – if you’re a fan of the graphic novel. If however you knew nothing about Watchmen going in, well then you would have got quite a shock if you went in expecting a by the numbers Superhero story.

    But I have to agree. There is no way that movie was 16. Should easily have been rated 18. Hate it when they get it wrong on purpose just to try and increase viewership! ๐Ÿ™

  2. Just popped over from Slyde’s blog and he raved about this flick. I definitely won’t see it though – I loathe the whole graphic-novel-to-film thing, but might have watched it for the FX. Until someone made a comment about a glowing blue CGI penis… No thanks – that alone might scar me, even without the violence ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I must thank you for your honest review. I was in two minds as to whether or not to watch this. I do not enjoy violent films in fact they deeply affect and unsettle me. My boyfriend advised that it was too violent for me coz he knows what I can handle, however I was convinced it would be a great movie and definitely wanted to watch it. Think I’ll reconsider now because images tend to stay with me way longer than your average person.

    As for Anon’s comment, I think it depends on the person. I am 26 and am hesitant to watch a 16 age restricted movie because I am so deeply affected by graphic imagery. I cannot cannot cannot watch horrors.

  4. My sister also said it was completely crap.

    I’ll wait for it to come out on dvd.

  5. Good to see all the different opinions here, but now I am confused, shall I, or shall I not?

  6. I spect he’s seen it all before. That being said, I wouldn’t let mine watch it!

  7. Yikes! After the description of dogs fighting over a dismembered child’s foot I guess I’m still not old enough to watch that. Btw – I’ve posted on my blog after the less than gentle nudge you gave me – nothing too exciting – just me having a good old grumble but at least there are new words on my site.

  8. Nothing worse than a disappointing movie that you were looking forward to ๐Ÿ™

  9. Weirdly, I watched Sin City for the first time ever last night. It scared the crap out of me.

  10. all bunnies: I have no problem with the story itself, in fact I thought it very striking- and surprising- what they did to bring about peace.
    I have an issue with the age restriction, and that the movie seemed to drag on so.
    For me itโ€™s more a thing about the movie being badly made than there being a problem with the story of the โ€œWatchmenโ€.

    Anonymous: parents restricting what their children watch and listen to and so on according to age restrictions and such, is a choice they make when raising their kidlets, and granted- not every child is affected by movies and music and such. I allow my son considerable freedom in his choice of music and such, but I have adhered to age restrictions because I believe they are applied for a reason.

  11. I’m so excited to see this movie, I read about it a while back and was so pleased to see it’s showing by us now.

    I think an age restriction of 16 is fine, I have watched violent, sexual movies from a young age and it had no impact, if your parents raise you properly then how can the media influence you. I’ve never touched drugs, don’t believe in sex before you’re in a committed long-term relationship and not before the age of 21 at least, and I’m not violent ๐Ÿ™‚ but I loveeee gore and lots of violence, and what’s the difference between full male frontal nudity as opposed to all the vaginas and breasts we see everywhere??? School kids these days scare me and disgust me, they are huge sluts and I blame the parents, not movies etc.

  12. Thanks for the heads-up. Not a movie I care to ingest….especially after your comments. Geez.

  13. It should have never been a 16 movie. I’m a HUGE fan of the comic and I have to say it was one of my favourite movies from the past few years.

    That being said, it’s very hard to understand the story and grasp the full significance behind it if you haven’t read the graphic novel. I’m not quite sure how someone who doesn’t know the backstory could enjoy it.

    The fact remains though that Watchmen (believe it or not) is actually one of the most important pieces of literature from the last 100 years, heck it’s on Time’s Top 100 for example.

    I get what you’re saying and I agree with you but I REALLY REALLY REALLY loved it and I encourage everyone to at least check it out:)

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