RSS, Headlights, Zuma, Voting And Suicide.

How’s THAT for a combo?! And they’re not even really related!!

I have a few issues I feel strongly about, but I don’t blog about them. This is a personal choice, but occasionally they build up and build up until I start screaming at the radio in irritation! So I’m going to mention them here, and give a brief personal viewpoint on them. I’m not going to wax lyrical- because I could go on and on and on, but I don’t want to go that route.

I still have no friggin headlights! My Glugs took a look on the weekend, but Opel is built in such a way that even the simplest thing can’t be done at home! The fanbelt for example, is in between the body and the engine block and you can’t replace it yourself because you can’t get your hands in there! The lights are odd- one bulb seems to perform all functions- and I have “brights” and park lights but no headlights… so I phone Delta yesterday to ask them to replace my headlights and the dude launches into a schpiel about checking the wiring and and and… Which is going to cost me a fortune in labour, when all I need is a new fargin bulb!!! Don’t tell me it could be the wiring when everything else works. I am not an idiot when it comes to my car. And don’t treat me like one because you hear a women’s voice!!!



Next lady for a shave.

Suicide is often a contentious issue, and with good reason. Personally, I feel nothing but disrespect for people who off themselves and immense anger at the selfishness of people who try and fail. I get over those feelings pretty quickly, but don’t expect sympathy from me for it, ever. I get even more pissed off if the person has the audacity to do it at work and upset so many other people in the process. If you really want to take yourself out- find yourself a nice quiet open piece of veld and do it there, where your colleagues or family don’t have to find you and clean up the fargin mess.

And I will make irreverent wise cracks about the situation at every given opportunity. Deal with it.

Zuma is a wanker. Always has been and always will be. And now Ray McCauley- with his shirty attitude towards his congregants- is a wanker too. What!??! Is the Rhema church now under the ANC’s mafia-like thumb after the Niehaus debacle, or is McCauley eyeing the presidency for himself one day that he allows electioneering during a church service!!?!?!? And I don’t give a fork what he says Zuma spoke about- its electioneering!

Next issue?

RSS feeds and things like Google reader. As much as I love Google and all its toys- to me Google reader and its ilk completely defeat the point of blogging. People read but don’t comment. They don’t visit your blog because they’ve now read the post so why should they. They don’t see what your page looks like or what pictures and stuff you’ve added… Ugh.

RSS feeds should be reserved for things like news or forums and newsletters, not blogs.

And last but not least- expats voting.

All of a sudden like, politicians have realised there are a huge number of ex-South Africans living overseas, and seem to think it’ll be a good idea to let them cast a ballot.

Make no mistake bunnies, I have no issue with citizens being able to vote when they’re working overseas, or playing sport or something, but it seems like the politicians want to give everyone who was born here the chance to vote in the elections. The smaller political parties seem to think they can garner sympathy votes- from the people who left the country because of crime and racism and BEE and such like- hoping to boost their parliamentary percentage.

IMHO, if they’ve left the country and opted for a different nationality, then they don’t care anymore what happens in the elections. If they’ve left the country and opted for a different nationality, then they are no longer entitled to a say in what happens. And I honestly don’t think they will want to vote even if given the chance! And I don’t give a fork if they get a lump in their throat when they hear the anthem or cry a little when the Springboks get their asses handed to them- loving South Africa doesn’t entitle you to a say!!! Hell, if it did then we may as well let Jeremy Clarkson, Oprah and Will Smith have a go- they like South Africa too!

And yes, I have expat friends living overseas- and yes, I am making sweeping generalisations here.


Okay bunnies.

Rant over.

Normal programming has resumed.

~~come play on my rollercoaster~~

24 thoughts on “RSS, Headlights, Zuma, Voting And Suicide.

  1. Brave girl.
    Only agree with the Zuma is a poepholooma statement. Stealing the other rants as blog fodder!

  2. Love this!! Hehe!!
    The zuma-rhema-gate thing makes me sick… in fact Zuma still gives me the heebie-jeebies. Maybe I should post my Rhema story, I don’t think very much of McCauley.

  3. Fargity farg farg – forgot to tell you that I click to the site and comment from my bloglines…but it does seem a waste. Have thought to just bookmark everything rather.

  4. I am an idiot with my car.
    Next lady for a shave. – Rudi used to say this everytime he won a pool game. Arrogant much? he he

    Agree with the suicide views.
    Agree with the politics/religion not mixing view.

    Not so sure how I feel about expats voting.

  5. Good rant.

    I think if you’re paying tax to SARS you should have the right to vote, whether you’re here or somewhere else.

    As for suicide, I have so much sympathy for people who contemplate, attempt or commit suicide. Having considered it seriously myself at the darkest points in my life and having friends who have attempted it and survived, I think it’s something that a lot of people can’t understand because they have never been in that space. BUT… I do think that if you have children or a partner that suicide can be incredibly selfish and that if you talk to people who have survived a suicide attempt you often find that once they’ve been helped out of their depression they can see that and are incredibly sorry for the pain they’ve inflicted on loved ones.

  6. I totally agree with you about google reader. I am just now getting brave enough to go leave comments on peoples blogs.

  7. yeah suicide isn’t selfish, you people are narrow minded, you’re not in the person’s shoes so don’t call them selfish, it’s their life in the first fricken place and their decision. You know what’s selfish, not putting your trolley back and blocking someone’s car with it, because you’re lazy.

  8. Someone very close to me committed suicide. She was one of the most selfless people I know. With time, I came to understand just how alone and helpless she felt and this seemed like her only out. I will never totally understand why she resorted to suicide because I am not suicidal and do not harbour such thoughts, but I would never call her selfish.

  9. I agree with the suicide rant. It makes me so angry when people give up and hurt everyone who cares about them by killing themselves.

    I think Aimee’s come pretty close several times and I have never held back in telling her what a selfish bitch she is.


  10. I think Zuma will make a better president than Mbeki though…he’s more in touch with the people and has more charisma.

  11. I agree with most of your points…….but as far as my knowledge goes the voting for “overseas” visitors only applies to the people that are going to be out of the country (like away on holiday or business or sumthing) during the elections and not for all the EXPATS as such. I know cause my mom has registered and she will be able to vote as she will be in Aus during the elections. I on the the other hand (should I be given an opp) am really not interested to VOTE as we were not around when the registering took place 🙂

    Oh and yes I agree ZUMA IS A WANKER and it is sad to think he (very shortly) is going to be the new leader of SA – Dang that gives us even more reason to stay where we are 🙂


  12. My uncle had schizophrenia and in his tortured state saw no option but to end his life but did it away from his family by gassing himself in his car. He was a very clever man, he was young, his kids were young but he could not live his life. I don’t agree with suicide but I’m not suicidal!

  13. Zuma is a wanker, and a total tosspot. as is Julius Malema.

    Dude. my boyfriend has an opel and he knows how to fix the light thing. i think he had the same prob himself.

  14. It is simple for me as an expat really. If you are a citizen of SA you should be allowed to vote. End of story.

    When you gave up your nationality and emigrated. Then no, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  15. I have to disagree with some points, ahem, I think for some people suicide is the only option, and it is the individual’s choice, if they choose to take their own life, well it is theirs to take. When you know for certain that you will never achieve happiness or are 100% tired of existing, why can’t you kill yourself, I have understood why people do kill themselves although I wouldn’t as you never know what tomorrow may bring etc, but I don’t think it’s something to look down on, it’s just sad though.

    Also disagree with you on S-Africans living overseas voting, because alot intend to return, and if you’re away on business/holiday then surely you can’t have a problem with them voting, and people living abroad were raised here and have an understanding of the country and still care what happens so why can’t they vote? Also, if you’re so opposed to this, what about criminals? Rapists, murderers etc sitting in prison get to vote, which is more wrong??? And people who leech off the state living on social grants get to vote….

    But agree with McCauley! Ray McCauley has always been a big piece of shit.

  16. Ouch!
    you have a whole row of soap boxes going at once!Good for you. After you’ve tracked down an expat via RSS feed, you can drive over them in your Opel, and Ray can conduct the funeral,in his new church, because what he did with Zuma is career suicide…

  17. I have to agree with everything you say.
    My cousins husband committed suicide and his 13 year old son found him – what an asshole.
    That poor kid is still messed up to this day (and he aint no kid anymore!)

    If one more person tells me how ‘brave’ it is to commit suicide, I may vomit all over them (or hit them on the head!)

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