My Feet Hurt…

But what a weekend!!!

On Friday we took a half-day off each and headed for a holiday house outside Ballito. da Bruvva and his new GF drove with us, and we arrived at about 10:30PM when tbe rest of my clan had all taken the day off and arrived in the morning. The holiday house is HUGE!! Each couple had their own bedroom-albeit single beds- and the bathrooms we shared.

We saw so much cosmos along the way, and its such a pretty flower! My Glugs naturally stopped so I could take a few pictures… isn’t he sweet!?!??

We were pretty knackered when we got there, and went to bed not long after that, and slept fairly late on Saturday morning. Then we realised we’d packed Glugs’ suit, socks and shoes- but no shirt or tie- so it was off to Edgars in Umhlanga at Gateway to get that sorted. On the way we stopped first at Ballito Mall and were seriously impressed by the Wimpy there. Fantastic service and great food. My toast was even still warm. We strolled around a little and ended up getting me a new big green handbag, a pair of purple Ugg-like boots and a pair of Crocs sandals… and then going to Edgars for Glugs’ shirt and tie.
On getting home, we showered and shared hairdriers and such and got dressed and ready for my cousin’s formal wedding in Durban. And because we all worked so hard to be ready on time due to sharing a holiday house- we were ready waaaaaaaay too early! It paid off though because we got to the church in plenty of time and parked inside the church property instead of in the street. And we stopped for fuel.
It was a Catholic ceremony, and I was honestly surprised by its short and sweet-ness. I had never attended a Catholic wedding, and the program seemed long- but it was lovely, and my cousin and his bride smiled non-stop.
The reception was at a place in Ballito called Braeside, and it is so beautiful. The couple had us wait with a violin and flute duet while we sipped on cosmopolitans and nibbled on nuts and biltong. They had a framed picture of themselves that people could sign with wishes and messages, and when they arrived they cut their cake, and then we showered them with fresh rose petals before they headed out for photographs and we headed into the banquet area.

It was exquisitely decorated in red, silver and crystals, with faerie-lights in the draped ceiling. The ladies were gifted with little crystal bracelets, which decorated every other serviette ring and everyone wore them all night.

We boogied till late, and I managed to keep my shoes on for most of the evening- but I couldn’t keep them on all night, my feet just hurt too much. Glugs and I got a chance to practice the boogie- with a twist, and we Rumba’d… unfortunately not getting a chance to Foxtrot.
It was very cool to see and party with a bunch of family members I hadn’t seen in a long time, and Glugs looked very dashing in his black suit and red tie, and me all in black too (very bad etiquette I know- but it is flattering). The bridal car was filled with balloons blown up by all the guests, and we sent them on their way before continuing to party for a bit.

On a parenting note.
We decided to leave the knucklehead home alone this weekend- to look after the cats and house-sit for us. There are no words to describe my neurotic paranoia, bunnies… I’d never left him home alone for an entire weekend before, and I was very worried. I showed him a Springleap T-shirt I had ordered for him and told him he could have it on Sunday if we got home to a tidy- and still standing- house.
I only phoned home 4 times- and twice I got his voicemail, and it took a lot of control not to keep phoning till he answered…
I only thought of it when we got there- but we could have taken him with us and just let him stay at the holiday house and enjoy the beach whilst we were at the wedding. He does so love the sea…
But he did fine. The house was relatively tidy- compared to how he usually leaves the kitchen and living-room area, the cats were fed, and there was no evidence of fire or parties, so I thanked him and gave him his T-shirt.
It bodes well.
I hope.

17 thoughts on “My Feet Hurt…

  1. Looks like a beautiful venue!! And I always wear black at weddings too 🙂
    So very glad that Damien was ok over the weekend.

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend- I miss weddings- seems as though my friends have all done it already- so waitng for our collective children- scary thought! to get married…

  3. Black is cool, just not allowed to wear white, oh and a veil, a veil would be bad.
    Sounds like a gorg wedding.
    I read ‘no evidence of panties’ instead of parties… both good huh!

  4. You look gorgeous. The wedding looks so lovely. I’ve never worn black to a wedding before. I have a distant cousin who always wears black. She once told me that she’s mourning the death of the couples’ indepedence… She was a weird one. xx

  5. Hi there! Been busy for a bit, sorry about not commenting on a few posts, hardly had time to post myself, been reading your posts though.

  6. I also love to wear black to weddings. Does that say something about me?
    See you at the weekend. Yay!

  7. What a great weekend. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I had a feeling Damien would be fine. He knows he has to put in a bit of work to get your trust back. Its great you gave him a chance and of course a bit of parental bribery always helps!

  8. Sounds positively lovely! The wedding looked AWESOME! The holiday house sure is big!

    You take such lovely photos 🙂

    Now that you mention it I cannot remember the last time I got a warm slice of toast at the Wimpy…

  9. So glad to hear Damien didn’t let you down and your worry was for nothing – always such a relief. The wedding looks lovely – my cousin got married there too 😉 It’s a lovely venue. And it must’ve been awesome to put your new dance moves to good use!!

  10. The wedding looks lovely!! You looked hot :))

    So glad it went well with Damian!!!!

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