A Rough Morning So Far…

6PM UPDATE: thank you all SO much for the outpouring of love and prayers, it means so much to us all!
My daddy darling is okay… he’s still in cardiac ICU, he’s on painkillers, his right shoulder is very sore- as yet unexplained- and he’s being monitored very closely. His blood pressure just will not come down. He’s scheduled for an angiogram tomorrow morning, so its hurry up and wait time.

My daddy darling had a mild heart attack yesterday evening.
He’s in hospital, in the cardiac ICU, and it would seem he’s doing okay. He was alert and awake and talking when my mommy darling left last night (she hasn’t slept of course), and she hasn’t heard from the hospital again yet.

He didn’t actually think he was having a heart attack. He had a pain in his left shoulder that wouldn’t go away or get better- but he put it down to 9 hours of driving my Granny darling’s manual 1300 Corolla through the valley of a thousand hills on Monday! When the pain still wouldn’t go away at 9PM, he said he wanted to go to the hospital. As soon as my mom mentioned diabetes to the casualty’s staff, they whisked my daddy darling away and had done and EKG before my mommy darling had finished the paperwork!
After my mommy darling phone me, she phoned my sister B and I phoned my sister C. sister C took it really hard… she and my daddy darling are really close.
My first thoughts were selfish ones… me, me, me, and all that!
I’ll be seeing him later- I dunno yet when I am allowed to visit.

24 thoughts on “A Rough Morning So Far…

  1. Your Family is in my thoughts. It will all get better, just remember to breathe.

  2. Hey sweet girl…. hang in there, even though its tough.. testing goes on forEVER! (my mom had her heart cath last week, although still not markedly improved)

  3. Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is feeling much better now and that he’ll spring back to good health really soon.

    *HUGS* to you all!

  4. Hey there.
    Small consolation: he is alive, and hopefully will be spared many more years for you and the family- Stay strong! (Or fall apart- that’s allowed when you’re stressed). Thinking of you and the family.

  5. oh my!!! Angel face, I only saw the news now. So incredibly sorry:( glad he seems to be OK. We’re praying for you guys. lots and lots of hugs and kisses coming your way!!!!

  6. OMG Angel – That is scary…..! I got such a fright now when I read this. I will try and phone you tomorrow to hear how things are going! Send all my love to MoM G and Dad D! Love you and stay strong – He is ok! LOVE YOU LOTS TJOMMA


  7. OMG, not you guys too! This has really been a bad month for so many. I hope your darling daddy is ok. He is one good looking dude btw…your mom is beautiful also.

    If he made it through, they should be able to get him squared away. The scare though is gonna stick. You all will need some extra special tlc.
    I’ll send what I can over the Atlantic.

    Take a deep breath….he is ok.

  8. So sorry to hear that, Angel. My prayers are with your family.

    And I’m with Spear – Sterimar is great stuff.

    Hope the hospital contacts your mom ASAP and that your dad is fully recovered.

  9. I’m commenting on the post below and this one. Your not sounding lame! For the hay fever – are you using Sterimar nasal spray? No chemicals – perfectly safe. Realy helps.

    I’ll be praying for your Dad. We are going through the same thing with my sister and incidentally, I’ve just done a post about it before I came to your site.

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