My Own Personal Little Hell

My daddy darling had an angiogram this morning, and the result is that they will not be putting in a stent or doing a bypass as there’s no significant artery narrowing, incredibly. His blood pressure however, is still edging him towards another heart attack, and they have to get it under control. The doctor’s biggest concern is that his kidneys are failing. He will now have to stay in ICU until they get his kidneys right and they’ll probably have to do dialysis as well.

And he’s still in pain.

I am so worried about him and my mommy darling…

My little hell is complicated by my hay fever though. I could deal with almost anything were I not sneezing constantly.

I started taking the Luffeel on Monday. By Tuesday night I was sneezing insanely because I’d gone 2 full days with no Zyrtec.

People think I’m exaggerating when I try to tell them how much I sneeze and why I am on chronic medication to control it. I sneeze all the time. I sneeze so much that if I have a hay fever fit in the car I have to pull over because I can’t see where I’m going… I sneeze so many times and so quickly in succession that I can’t always draw a breath between sneezes. And if I try to take a breath I bite the side of my tongue or I choke. And heaven help me if I am eating or drinking something… usually I have enough warning that I’m going to sneeze, but occasionally one sneaks up on me. Actually- this is when I usually bite my tongue- because I’m talking or eating or drinking!

It’s so bad that even poor Glugs asked if I was sure I still wanted to go through with this.

And it doesn’t matter where I am either. I sneeze as much in my clients’ air conditioned building as I do at the hospital visiting my dad and at home in bed.

And I’m pretty damn sure I’m not supposed to be taking as much of this homeopathic stuff as I am… it says to dissolve 1 in the mouth 3 times a day, and in chronic cases 1 every 15 minutes for 2 hours. I think I’m taking one every hour at least!

I ache all over from sneezing. My head hurts most of the day. If I have a particularly violent sneezing fit my arms hurt too. My ribs feel bruised and whilst they don’t hurt when I breathe- they hurt when I laugh, when I blow my nose, and when I cough. My nose has taken on a decidedly Rudolph-like cast… even my top lip is chafed.

Last night my eyes started itching.

Oh joy.

I dunno what the maid has done with my new facecloth now either- I use a cold facecloth over my itchy eyes to relieve it a little and stop me rubbing them. Which I did in my sleep- so today I’m all puffy and I look like I’ve been crying!

I look like shit.

My Glugster is away on business till Saturday afternoon- so whilst I get to drive his cool car, I am home alone…

I am not a happy camper.

11 thoughts on “My Own Personal Little Hell

  1. Wow. I never realized it was that bad! Strongs for your dad, girl. I’ll be praying for him!

  2. Hope your dad feels better soon, and that his kidneys get better FAST
    As for your sneezing, isn’t there anything else the doc can prescribe?

  3. Awe hun, stop torturing yourself. I think the STRESS of your parents and the STRESS of this sneezing is more of a deterrent from getting pregnant than taking an allergy med. Stress has been proven to be one of the biggies preventing someone from conceiving and you got a huge f’n boat load of it.

    Try taking your meds and calm your body down. Find some nice soothing herbal teas, drink them. Peppermint is very relaxing, safe and good on the tummy. Plus mint helps to clear airways. I drank a lot of it while pregnant and afterwards while breast feeding.

    Goodness girl, what are we to do with you. I am going to post a blog about alternative fun drinks that are healthy, check them out. Hopefully this morning.

  4. Oh my friend – I know you are not exaggerating bout the sneezing – when I spoke to you on the phone yesterday it was pretty hard to talk because of this – Surely there is something else you can try?????????? Keep me posted bout dad (will speak on Sunday again)


    *Bless YOU* – thats for all the sneezes while reading this comment! 🙂

  5. I just had my baby and with my doctors permission I stayed on Zyrtec the whole time. You might want to look into this. Best of luck.

  6. I’ve been away from blog-land a while and I’ve just caught up. I’m so so sorry Daddy-darling is feeling poorly. ((big hugs)) for you all.

    Hay fever is pants! 2 years of injections and I’m still suffering so sympathy on that score!

  7. ((((hugs))) that sneezing sounds crazy hectic Angel – sorry!!

    Its nearly sat and then the G will be home!!

  8. Awe lady…that’s so not cool!

    If I may…I think you should maybe stay on your normal pills until you definitely are pregnant. I didn’t have to go off my usual BP meds until I was about 4 weeks pregnant, and it didn’t harm the baby at all.

    You’re gonna have to deal with hayfever in your pregnancy anyway, you shouldn’t make it hard on yourself now already 🙁 Good luck, and I’m praying for your family too. Hope all turns out well.

  9. I know that this might be a pretty obvious thing to say, but have you been to see the doctor to see if there’s any medication that’s safe to take while you are pregnant?

    I’m really sorry about your dad, it’ must be awful for you.


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