F1 Starts Tomorrow- I Can Hardly Wait!!!

Lemme tell you bunnies- Formula 1 this season is going to be STONKING hot!!
Slick tyres, dramatically different aerodynamics, engines having to last even longer than before… SO many rule changes!!!
I can hardly WAIT for tomorrow morning when the season starts in Melbourne, Australia!!!
I, erm… borrowed some photies from The Official Formula One website to whet your appetities…

Here’s this year’s Ferrari
This year’s BMWThis year’s RenaultThis year’s MclarenThis year’s Toyota And the Ferrari front for the last 6 years- so you can see how its changed.

Just look at how the front wing has grown this year, and its so low on the Ferrari! The rear wing is minute in comparison!! And those slick tyres just look so RIGHT!

2 thoughts on “F1 Starts Tomorrow- I Can Hardly Wait!!!

  1. Hot and heavy into NASCAR season here. Don’t watch the series you do. But a race fan is a race fan so I feel ya!

  2. hello there

    I love F1 as well…
    Its something Hubby and I watch together – for the next few I’ll have to watch on my own, but not going to be missing it either…

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