I Am Officially A Mom To An Adult..

At least, I am in the legal sense of the word, as my knucklehead still has a fair amount of growing up to do, heh heh.

When I got home on Friday after work, Damien had already started tidying up- he was very excited about his birthday party! The lounge was a little neater than usual, and he had even tidied a little of the kitchen!

We pretty much celebrated all weekend long, starting on Friday night with supper at Pappas in Sandton, which was fantastic. There was a bellydancer too, and whilst I was hoping she’d try to get the knucklehead to dance with her or something, she just danced at our table and then posed for a photo with him. I wish I had gotten a picture of him sticking a R20 note in her “bra” thingy!

We weren’t home too late as we had an early start planned for Saturday.

Saturday morning, after stopping at Glugster’s office, we rented some chairs, a table, and some black tablecloths. I also found some black serviettes with “Happy 18th Birthday” written on them in silver. When we got home- the maid had not arrived! Oh joy!! Damien however, had outdone himself. He cleaned the pool, cleaned off the porch, and when we got home he blew up balloons and put up the birthday banner I found. Then we put out the extra chairs and table with the black tablecloths covering them- and I informed Damien that since he was now apparently a grown up and it was his party- that he had to make sure his guests are looked after and the chip bowls are full and such. Everyone wore all or mostly black for his birthday braai, since that’s his thing, and he was rather chuffed about it. My daddy darling had prepared a speech, but when he got up to say it he got all choked up and all he could say was that he was stepping down as Damien’s “father” and becoming his grampa. Then it was the knucklehead’s turn, and though he hadn’t prepared anything he managed to say a few words with some prompting from his guests.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated my boy’s birthday with us. I really loved having everyone there with us. He got some fantabulous pressies and made a fair bit of money- which he has now decided he wants to use to get his first tattoo. I was hoping he’d wait a while before getting ink, but he’s fairly determined, so we’ll be off to the tattoo place this weekend if we get a chance.

He’s really very funny when he drinks- he gets really loud, a little like Damien on no meds. He also suddenly seemed to think he could use whatever language he wanted and was swearing like a sailor! I told him a couple of times to cool it on the F-bomb! Thankfully he’s not a mean or argumentative drunk. And believe me, he drank on Saturday! I got a big hug from him during the course of the evening and he told me he was having a great time. He alternated with Smirnoff Spins and Black Labels from 2PM onwards, and at about 8ish he was fed a suitcase, a “springbokkie” and an Aftershock (which tastes like a fireball)… Then at about 9PM he disappeared into the back garden to call “george”… heh heh. He disappeared upstairs shortly afterwards, and he threw up several times in the night. I think this saved him from the worst of a possible hangover though, because on Sunday he was relatively okay apart from a thirst.

On Sunday he was taken out for a pub lunch by his godmother, and whilst he enjoyed it- she said he only had 2 sips of his beer and asked for a coke instead, heh heh.

There’s a whole set of photos from the party and the weekend on this Flickr link!

18 thoughts on “I Am Officially A Mom To An Adult..

  1. Wow, wild partying…
    I think it’s good that family was all around him during his coming of age party- it shows a lot of promise for the future- many teens would be out that door soooo fast, and doing who knows what, with who knows whom…

  2. allbunnies: tonight I was watching my recorded episode of “True Blood” when he came downstairs, and there was a sex scene- very soft-pornish… and I told him to make himself scarce because its age restricted to 18. He started laughing at me and had to remind me that he is already 18 and can actually watch it!!!

    The Jackson Files: heh heh… I only wish he’d wait because designs chosen as a lightie are occasionally regretted.

    Malicious Intent: heh heh, everyone wore black for his party because its his thing- being a rocker/skater. The age thing is strange… here 18 is legal for driving, voting and drinking, but you can only sign contracts at 21 without parental surety.

    Gill: snigger… yeah, growing up is a whole nother kettle of bananas!

    The Spear: thank you! mine was mild… but I had a toddler to look after at the time, heh heh!

    Wenchy: indeed- and thank you!

    Laura: why thank you kindly!

    Jeanette: ta muchly!

    Cormac Brown: heh heh… I will pass on your wishes!

    BecauseIcan: scary and frightening indeed. And I still think maybe it hasn’t all sunk in just yet.

    arkwife: thank you so much, and I just know that you are going to do such a fantastic job!

    donncoppens: so true, and thank you.

  3. It is a weird feeling eh? I have 3 adult children now (18/21/24) and I still see flashes of their diminutive selves but for the most part it is so cool to witness their emergence as a person.

    Now you can never fully distinguish them as just another adult but you know what I mean. They were your little duckling..you fretted and nurtured them..never really getting prepared to see the end result. How can you comprehend that they are going to be another person with their own livfe to live?

    You have certainly given your all and done a marvellous job. Now you must prepare for a new set of challenges and a different paradigm. It’s a whole new ball of wax..but it’s just as fascinating.

    WOW….just WOW!

  4. A belated happy birthday to the Knucklehead!! And congrats to you for surviving him for 18 years, Angel.

    I almost get all teary-eyed when I think that I’ll be going through the same thing in 18 years’ time. Knowing that my child is an adult and won’t need me to look after her for much longer. Not to mention the milestone that are yet to come. So basically…good luck for the next 18 years…the best is yet to come 🙂

  5. Its quite a feeling isnt it?

    I often look over at J and he as tall as me (1.73m) and he is turning into such a man.. and i look at him and love him for every day we have been together.. he is a part of me and I see so much of me it is scary and exciting at the same time..

    I can only imagine how incredibly powerful it is to look at your Knucklehead now at the Manly age of 18 and know that YOU, his mom, got him this far.. through all the hard times, the fun times and the real times.. at the end of it you laughed together and moulded each other.

    There is just nothing more incredibly awesome than that!

    Keep him close and hug him hard..as only a mom can..

    Happy birthday Knucklehead, you got yourself a really cool and brave mom there!

  6. Congratulations Angel and Happy Birthday, D! Welcome to manhood and remember to use your powers only for good!

  7. Sounds like a fabulous weekend of celebrations!

    You have done well my friend 🙂

  8. Happy happy birthday to your boy. It sounds like a fabulous time was had by all. 🙂

  9. Wow, sounds like you had a couple of fun celebrations!

    Isn’t it alarming how quickly they grow up?? Actually, maybe I mean how quickly they get old – I sometimes wonder if they ever “grow up”!! Hehe!

  10. Happpy Birthday Knuncklehead! Isn’t drinking too much fun?? heh heh.
    So is that the legal age over there to drink, 18?? Makes more sense to be honest. Here it is 21, but you can join the service or even be drafted at 18 and die for you country or vote for a president, but you cannot have a beer. Weird eh? Seems like they need to change one or the other to match up.

    Looks like you had a great time, is black the thing for a party there? Here, it is for goth’s and bikers. lol.

    Mommy and Daddy Darling are looking really good consider all that has gone down lately.

    Congrats! Now get back to work on that whole reproducing thing-a-my-gig you were working on. 🙂

  11. sorry, my previous comment made no sense when i read it over.

    what i meant to say was that i love the fact that you’d like him to wait to get a tattoo – you the queen of ink. hehehe.

    but other than that, 18 years…wow, that’s quite an achievement mommy.

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