On Tweeting, Daddies And TTC

My daddy darling was back in CICU this week. On Monday night he had such a pain in his chest and shoulders that when he got to casualties again they thought his aorta was rupturing! His heart was beating so hard his body was vibrating- even though at one point his blood pressure was 115/35!!! They put him back in CICU and monitored him… and today he’s coming home even though they have no real reason for the pain in his shoulder. They first thought it was the build up of urea and creatine in his blood stream because of his lack of kidney function. Then they thought that it was due to his kidneys going berserk after the dialysis. They suggested clotting or arterial narrowing but found none. They also thought it may be a medication combination but have since ruled that out as well. Now they think it may be tendonitis with some thinning of the muscles inside the rotator cuff and have suggested he see an orthopedic surgeon next week. So still no answers…

The TTC is definitely continuing. Last Friday I practically attacked my poor Glugster when he walked in the door!! We are going for a series of blood tests this weekend- to check if I am actually ovulating, to check my Rubella immunity and to check mine and Glugs’ RH compatibility. The Rubella test is recommended if you’re trying to get pregnant because German measles is so dangerous for an unborn baby, and whilst the RH compatibility is usually done when you find out you’re preggers, I’d rather know about it before hand.

On Friday and Saturday morning our ovulation microscope was full of ferning- a sign of ovulation- and I was SO excited!!! And I am pretty damn sure I ovulated on Saturday… I woke up in pain and it eventually centered itself over my left side. I’ve felt it before- and I have associated it with ovulation- but I don’t feel it every month. I don’t get period pains in the traditional sense of the word, and if I have PMS it’s fairly mild… but I feel it when I ovulate. Sadly this made it a little difficult to enjoy Damien’s birthday party as much as I could have, and I actually went to bed leaving a few guests with my sweet Glugster. I wish I could have stayed awake, but I was really uncomfortable and sleepy…

Sunday morning I was fine again- though my Glugster was a little hung over… I think the poor dude is glad I am no longer “in heat”, I’m sure he would much rather have slept all of Sunday than have to, erm… pay attention to me!

Heh heh…

I am actually looking forward to having the blood tests done… and I think it’s the first time in my life I’ve said that! I am so hoping to make my Glugster a daddy.

As for Twitter, I’m back on it and loving it! I have missed it so much! And I downloaded Tweetdeck and I’m using that rather than Twitter itself. And I twitter on my phone which is friggin awesome!!!

20 thoughts on “On Tweeting, Daddies And TTC

  1. Ag no, so sorry to hear about your dad and I do hope you have more definitive answers soon.

  2. Hope your Dad gets well and stays well now – it must be very worrying for all of you.

    Keeping all my bits crossed for your blood test results!

  3. It’s awesome having you on Twitter!

    I hope they figure out what’s happening with your dad real soon. It sucks not having answers!

  4. Louisa, Jeanette & Malicious Intent: I hope so too…

    Laura: I’m sure he didn’t 😉
    And I’m LURVING twitter!!!

    The Jackson Files: ta…

    Spear: we are all about maintaining the fun!

    Panni: *grinning*

    Elise: why thank you very much! My age makes twins a possibility… but I am really hoping for just one, heh heh!

    Husbands Anonymous: it says “Jou Ma Se Meit Se Miesies Se Moer”… which is a roundabout way of saying “Jou Ma!”… Its one of the things that come out at parties *blush*

    Annie: thank you for the compliment!

    Mel: oh I know all about the egg white darling, heh heh!

    Allan: aw thanx dude!

    Wenchy: to put it simply, its FB statuses and interaction with other changing statuses!

    Darla: I can imagine Mr D knows all about this! *hugs*

  5. Alas, poor Glugster! *smiley icon*
    Healing wishes to your father – I hope he gets to be a Grandfather again! And soon.

  6. Scary about your dad. Loving our folks so much is really scary, watching them age and knowing we can;t have them forever is too tough.
    Glad D had a good b’day!
    Another way to know if you are ovulating is: (Boys might find this gross so boys look away NOW)
    You will have the pain in one side and you will often have a discharge of thick clear gooey stuff that is like egg white. Not stinky or gross, just egg white in your broeks that is perfect for sperm to make friends with your egg.

  7. Really hope they get to the bottom of what is causing your dad so much pain! Referring to your previous post – a new addition would suit you better, you look much too young to have an eighteen year old “adult” son. Happy TTC’ing!!!

  8. Hope Dad’s bouncing back- I was trying to read the t-shirt he’s wearing in the photo- all I could see was ‘jou Ma se..’ What does the rest of it say?
    One day I’ll grasp the deeper meaning of Twitter- at the moment, I just keep kicking myself that I haven’t updated/posted..

  9. Will be thinking of your darling dad. Hope this get this in check fast.

  10. Oh my God! (In reference to your last post… I’m still catching up on reading) You’re son is 18! You don’t look old enough to have an 18 year old son.

    A fried of mine and her husband were trying to conceive. She tried for over a year and then she got knocked up with twins! She told me that she thinks its because they did it on a plane. Something about air compression…?
    I think it was just her time.

    You’re dad will get better soon. Hopefully they’ll find out what’s wrong with him soon. Fingers crossed ~hugs~


  11. Hope you get some answers soon as to what is causing your dad’s distress.

    As for “jumping” your Glugs. Do men ever really mind? Mine is never too tired or too sick.

  12. I seriously hope that they will find what is causing your Dad all that pain and that they fix it soon. I’ve registered for twitter, but I haven’t had the time to see what it is about and how it works – high time eh? Ito the TTC – remember to keep the fun part of it so you can keep the stress levels down.

  13. Loving you being back on twitter. loving it.

    here’s wishing your daddy darling a speedy recovery.

  14. Gosh hope they figure out whats up with your dad asap!!!

    LOL at attacking Glugster – sure he didnt mind!.

    I am SOOO glad you on twitter – its easy to keep up to date now 🙂

  15. I hope they figure out what’s happening to your dad Angel, shame man – it must be really scary not knowing.

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