I Am Still Here…

Alive and kicking you could say.
I can’t remember when last I didn’t post every day, and I am REALLY missing the post comments I find in my inbox… Sorry bunnies, I know how many hundreds of daily readers I have whom I have been disappointing day after day this week.


Well, what have I been up to?
Last weekend was a TweetUp at 8UNNI’s house, which was great fun. Meeting up with several of the usual suspects as well as meeting some new Tweople, and talking and laughing till late. And it was Easter of course- which meant cold meats and salads with the family at Sister B’s place. No egg hunt though ‘coz the boys are apparently “too old” for it. I think thats baloney and I will be insisting on an egg hunt next year. Apart from sleeping and catching up on housework that pretty much sums up our weekend. Oh, and a date night! Dinner at “The Butcher Shop” in Sandton and then a movie. We were a little disappointed with the restaurant. I think they lose some food quality to the sheer enormity of the place! I’ve never in my life seen such a big restaurant. We saw “Race to Witch Mountain” and it was pretty entertaining.

We’re still dancing and loving it! And our instructor is continually inpressed with our performance as a couple. I can now Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Rumba, Waltz, Tango, Mambo, Boogie, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing! Its fargin awesome!!

Sadly we missed out on our sprinkling of baby dust and are not yet preggers- BUT our blood test results were fabulous. To check whether I am ovulating I had to be tested on D21 of my 25 day cycle, which was last Friday. We had a bit of a mission finding a lab open on a public holiday, but we got it done. The results say I am immune to Rubella (German measles), I am definitely ovulating, and mine and my Glugster’s bloodgroups are compatible, so no RH complications when we do get me knocked up. This is a huge weight off my mind as I’m sure you can imagine. Now if we can just get to the next step in the process…

And then the knucklehead, in his pretty much drunken state at his birthday party, took a couple of hits off a bong and has thus tested positive again. He was inebriated, so his normally dreadful impulse control was stretched to its limit… but I am disappointed. And worried about how he’ll be able to handle himself when he’s out drinking and not in the safe setting of “home”. And I am very pissed at his friends. They’re no longer welcome in my house.
Yes, we’re still testing.

And I’m Twittering and loving it!

My daddy darling is still battling… he still has pain in his arm and shoulder, and we’re waiting for the rheumatologist to find a space to fit him in. He’s also battling some days to keep food down which means he can’t keep meds down, and then his sugar goes nuts which upsets his kidneys and then his heart battles and and and…

Tomorrow I have my annual performance appraisal. They usually go pretty well, and my bosses are truly fantastic when it comes to giving credit where its due (all year round) and providing constructive criticism… but I still dread it. Every year.
Wish me luck.


I need a holiday.

11 thoughts on “I Am Still Here…

  1. *we* need a holiday!

    I’m very glad your tests game back ‘positive’. I think I need to get the glugster to inspire Rudi into date night. Sounds fun!

    Can’t wait till we have a tweet up here in CT. I don’t think the 27dinners are quite the same thing…

  2. I used blog a lot at 34.com and would get like 40 comments a day. The past 6 months I have drastically reduced my blogging time and suddenly the comments dissapear. I guess it is that “I comment on your blog and then you comment on my blog mentallity” aka the comment whore syndrome. Lol1

  3. The dancing sounds like so much fun. Wish I could do that! So jealous!

    It appears everyone is trying their best to keep things in check. You can only do what you can do, and you do a lot. Give yourself some credit for all of that!

    Time flies by to quickly when it comes to our knuckleheads, doesn’t it?

  4. Your week sounds stressful indeed. Good luck with the appraisal – I hate them too. Yay for the good blood tests and may the baby dust be plentiful in the very near future. I hope your dad is soon on the mend and will keep good thoughts in my mind for him.

  5. Glad to hear the blood test results were so good! Will be keeping my fingers crossed that the baby dust sprinklers do their job really soon 😉 Hope you Dad feels better! And good luck with the performance appraisal!!

  6. I’m glad the blood test results were good, even though you’re not preggers yet. Next time, eh? 😉

    Good luck with your performance appraisal Angel!

  7. You didn’t think you would, but you survived the week!
    Well done, and enjoy your hard-earned-weekend.
    Laverne, hehehehe.
    You’d never guess mine, and it isn’t Rumpelstiltskin.

  8. Good luck on the getting pregnant.. I will use whatever pull I have with the Baby Dust Sprinklers Union to help!! :):)
    But honestly, I got tired just reading your post!!!
    Make sure to get some rest!!! :):):)

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