Our Big Day!

Today I dragged my Glugster out of bed early so we could walk the 300m or so to the polling station we registered at- only to find a queue of note, and having to join it 200m up the road.
It was rather entertaining nonetheless, we ended up chatting to the people in front of us a little, Glugs and I keeping them giggling with a running commentary on the happenings around us, and we kept entertained by keeping an eye on Twitter of course. Whilst we queued, our local DA counsellor walked up the line telling us who she was, with her hubby slowly following in his car playing kwaito music at full blast and holding up the traffic! Later she drove down the road again pointing her finger at the sky through the sunroof in time to the music and grinning at the queue like a lunatic. It sounded like the same song too… I reckon she only downloaded one. And if her antics didn’t count as electioneering I dunno what does!
It was relaxed and easy. It was cool outside, but hot as blazes inside the tent- which even had porta-potties outside! The IEC staff were friendly too. Once we were inside the tent getting our ID books checked and getting our ballot papers and getting into the booth thingies was real fast.
After we voted, we walked home the long way, which was a nice bit of exercise! Then when we got home we headed off to lunch at a fabulous little place called “Titolino’s”. Its very cool, and we plan to go back. And after that we went to our dance lesson and learned the “bolero”. It was great fun as always!
Having a polling station round the corner was cool, I called the knucklehead and asked him to bring us some coffee!
the queues…I found an old electrical meter box at the side of the roadthese two were having a wonderful time. I love the cupcake on her shirt…even the car guard was relaxed!queueing…the IEC tent and porta-potties!

inside the tent…

There are some more pictures on my FLickr link

11 thoughts on “Our Big Day!

  1. I love the fact that they labelled the desk where the “inkers” sit πŸ˜‰

    Btw, have you been able to get the stuff off your thumb yet? I haven’t.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful.

    I wish we still had polling place voting (everything is mail-in now); even though the waits could be long, I loved that sense of community on the line.

  3. A little chunk of history. A tent? I voted in suburbia- at a tennis club. The only black person in the queue was a small girl with her adoptive parents. Hate dull homogenous Plumstead sometimes.
    Thanks for commenting on all those posts- I did read you r comments, and appreciated that you actually read them… Gooo Angel!

  4. WoW. Ya’ll were busy! Cute photos! Sorry for the absence … work has been draggin me around by the ankles the last 2 weeks.

  5. Good on you two for going to vote! We had like NO queue at the voting station down the road. I didn’t even have time to take pictures!

  6. That looks like a pretty spectacular queue Angel. I also wanted to take a photo of the ballot papers, but my brother was making tsk-tsk noises at me so I left it.

    I’m glad to see everywhere had a good turn-out for this big day. πŸ™‚

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