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I found a very interesting article on News24 this morning. His idea is SO something I could live with, LOL.

Chris Moerdyk writes that “The… thing that annoys me is the end of the year school prize-giving. The kids get all the prizes and parents don’t get a thing” And goes on to say there should also be “…a very big prize for single parents who have to continuously risk their jobs by taking time off from work to fetch sick kids from school, not to mention having to get up in the very early hours of the morning to get themselves and their kids ready.

I cannot tell you how much leave I have used up because I had to rush of to the school. And how often I have had to beg my boss for time off because the knucklehead needs stitches, or is in trouble yet again and I need to see the teachers/ principal. And how often I got rapped over the knuckles because I was spending too much time away from work because of my son- which almost drove me to drink because the same wankers who berated me were taking 3 hour lunches every other day and my one colleague were late for work every single day- without fail!

I think the schools should award the parents for several things, over and above the parents who get their names on a plaque for sponsoring a new wing on the school library.

If the kidlet gets an award for 100% attendance through the year- then I reckon mommy (and daddy if he’s played a role) should get an award for getting him to school every day and keeping him healthy enough to go to school. It’s not so much the kid’s achievement as his parents’!

If a kidlet gets an award for diligence- even if he’s not getting A’s, or even passing (and most of us know by now that every single child gets a certificate for something at school nowadays, so that they don’t feel left out), his parents should get an award for helping that kidlet BE diligent. For their diligence in helping their child focus on his reading and keep trying to get his homework and assignments done.

Awards for participation should be awarded to parents too- for making sure their child actually goes to school events and takes part in sporting meets, and fetching their child from said events.

And parents who attend every single parent-teacher night (whether invited and allocated a specific time-slot or not) and who go to every meeting called by the school should also be awarded for it.

Class mommies and tuck shop mommies and mommies who sell jaffles, make endless pancakes and decorate potjiekos stalls for every single fund-raising event that the PA committees can dream up should also be awarded for such.

Mommies who hunt through every shop that’s still open after work so that their kidlet can have the correct colour T-shirt for an inter-house sporting event being held the next day that their kidlet has only just told them about, should also get an award!

That’s enough about me… heh heh.

What other awards should parents get?

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  1. Amen every mom deserve an award!! What? mmmm can’t answer this one, your blog’s going to crash!! hahaha 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful mothersday!!


  2. I just got an end of the year prize as a teacher..a consolation prize for getting laid off. Thanks for the apple and the rose!BAH!

  3. Very cool idea! You are *so* right! Even my mom deserved an award…I got attendance often – in primary school 😉

  4. The ‘consistantly getting up at 3AM award’ for parents with younger kids.

  5. Like I said – I think Moms should get awards simply for being a Mom!!!

  6. AMEN! Where the heck is MY award?? Single mom to 2, full time college student, part time employee – what the heck kind of award to I get?? I should at least get an award for not killing someone during finals time when the kids decide to NOT take the ADHD meds & the teachers call from school……… oh, wait – the award I get for that is my continued freedom. never mind 🙂

  7. How about an award for not killing your kids? 😉

    BTW, come to my blog for amazing news! Since we’ll have Fios soon, I might come to people’s blogs more often – it’s a lot faster than cable internet!

  8. Hear hear! That’s a great idea.

    But then you also have to have an interferance award for that mom (there’s always one) who singlehandedly runs the old girls’ committee, the tuckshop, the parents’ association, the drama club and anything else she can get involved with just to be near her poor mollycoddled kidlet. And one for the fathers who stand screaming instructions at their distressed children from the sidelines at every soccer match or other sporting event.

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