I Got Me Some Bloggy Bling!!!

How cool is this?

And I am SO flattered because I was given the same award twice- by both LOUISA and by LAURA!!!

So, according to the rules attached to this particular award, here’s my list of 7 Things I Love

1. My Glugster. My darling. My sweetheart. The man of my dreams. The man who makes me gush so much that I make others wanna gag. Big surprise that he’s top of my list, eh? My man says and does things every day that show me and tell me how much he loves me. I love how he smiles at me when I wake him up. I love how he brings me nougat when he comes home from work sometimes- just ‘coz.

2. The knucklehead. My son. My darling Damien. Flesh of my flesh. The young man who makes my life the rollercoaster it is. I love his passion for drawing. I love his laugh. I love his hugs. I love that he still likes to hang out with me. I long for the day that he sees in himself what I can see when I look at him.

3. Dancing!!! I dance all the time… and now my Glugster and I have a weekly lesson and it is just so much fun! We can do the Cha Cha, Waltz, Argentine Tango, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Mambo, Samba, Boogie, Rumba, Bolero, Foxtrot… and I’m sure there are a couple I’ve forgotten. The cha-cha is my current favourite I think, but I love doing the others too, and my favourite changes every time we have a lesson! And Glugs and I are complimented on our talent and style every week…

4. My furbabies! My darling Greebo, Taxi and Magic!!! My precious purr-kids even have their own blog!

5. Cupcakes. They’re all over my kitchen and I have one tattooed on the side of my right calf. I bake them almost every weekend and I love experimenting with different recipes and decorating ideas. I just don’t eat them… odd, eh?

6. Twitter!!! I have a link to it on my cellphone and I can now tweet all day long! I cannot tell you how awesome it is to be back on Twitter. And with all the other toys like TwitPics, HappyTweets and TweetStats, sharing information and opinions is getting easier every day! And don’t be fooled by popular opinion- Twitter users are incredibly intelligent people.

7. Exclamation marks!!! I’m sure anyone who reads me often enough will have noticed a prolific use of them, and multiple instances abound!!! I wonder occasionally if using so many of them- especially at one time- decreases their value as punctuation.

And as per standard operating practice with bloggy bling- I hereby pass it on to the following 7 bloggers (and lemme tell you, it took me AGES to choose just 7)… I may have awarded the bloggers several times in the past- but these are some of the bloggers I read practically every day:

1. Stepmommy Bloggy my sister B, who has rejoined the blogosphere after a lengthy, limited-access-induced, absence.

2. CamelsBackAndForth who I have been reading almost forever. He’s funny and smart, and has awesome taste in music.

3. The Jackson Files is a fellow single mom, with a gawjiss little boy, and someone I admire. And I admit it; I have a tiny girl-crush on her…

4. Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills is another girl-crush of mine… she’s an awesome mom, studying to be a legal eagle, and an incredible writer to boot!

5. Cami Kaos could well have been my first ever girl-crush on the interwebs, and I have a little shrine to her fabulousness…

6. Hard Spear is a fellow Sowff Effrikun, and an ADHDer too. He’s given me some amazing insight into how my knucklehead’s head works and I am SO glad he’s back in the blogosphere!

7. And my list would not be complete if I did not give it to my Glugster!!!

…come play on my rollercoaster…

11 thoughts on “I Got Me Some Bloggy Bling!!!

  1. Glugster: you’re always #1 my love.

    Brigitte: teehee…

    Husbands Anonymous: you are always ever so gracious!

    Elise: maybe you can bribe him to go with you? ~~snigger~~

    Laura & Tanya: teehee…

    Allan: no blushing necessary dude!

    Jeanette: it is a little weird hey… I have eaten a couple of them, but very seldom.

    Goblin: never ever! 😀

    The Jackson Files: oh yay!!!

  2. awwwww…thanks man. and you do know that the girlcrush thing is SO mutual, don’t you?

  3. Love the exclamation mark thing 🙂 I can’t believe you don’t eat your cupcakes!

  4. hahaha someone tweeted me and said “do you know you end every sentance with an exclamation mark! So yeah I love them too 🙂

  5. Awww! You and Glugs are so sweet!

    Dancing is one of my favourite things too. Solicitor rolls his eyes everytime I try to convince him to take lessons with me. 🙁 xx

  6. I like these things- they help to direct me to all sorts of new places, and some old forgotten ones too. (Note my graciousness:-)

  7. COOL!!!!!! YEEEEEE!!!!!! What a welcome back to the blogosphere. Thanks my sis! I feel very spoiled!!!!!!
    (The ! are just for you!!!!!!)

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