Is Eight Ever Enough!?!!

I’m finally getting around to this meme- which LauraKim tagged me for. She stole from The Girl, who was tagged by That.Girl, who in turn was tagged by The Book Kitten… and I’m sure you can follow those some more if you’d like to.

I actually typed this up on Thursday and then put a different meme post up on Thursday– so the items I listed for things I did yesterday is actually a list for Wednesday. Not that it matters.


8 things I’m looking forward to

1. Planning our wedding

2. Turning my wedding planning into a proper business

3. Next week’s dancing lesson

4. Having a nice quiet weekend for a change

5. Glugs’ choir concert on Friday night

6. Some more TTC J

7. My birthday… which is only in December, but I am looking forward to it anyway!

8. Buying a new car

8 things I did yesterday

1. Had a dancing lesson with my Glugster

2. Got KFC for supper

3. Worked on non-critical work stuff…

4. Tweeted

5. Read and commented on several blogs

6. Put a new post on my blog

7. Forgot about Damien’s godmother’s birthday ~~sorry Frankie~~

8. Worked on my ADHASA presentation

8 things I wish I could do

1. Visit the Paris Motor Show

2. Go to one of Scott Novota’s S3G Pumpkin Party’s and get me one of my own

3. Visit Machu Picchu

4. Visit Pompeii- the city destroyed by Vesuvius

5. Work for myself, by myself, run my own business

6. Have my Glugster’s baby

7. Buy a new car already

8. Disregard blatant rudeness and inconsideration

8 shows I watch on TV

1. House

2. Fringe

3. Sanctuary

4. Mentalist

5. Graham Norton

6. Stargate SG-1

7. Desperate Housewives

8. Top Gear

8 people I’m tagging

1. Stepmommy Bloggy ‘coz she’s new and needs to play meme-catch-up

2. ADD Tracy ‘coz then maybe she’ll blog again

3. Happy Hour With Dyna, even though she’s private

4. Dawn ‘coz then maybe she’ll also blog again

5. BobbiJanay ‘coz I’ve never tagged her before

6. Ydnic ‘coz then she may also be inspired to blog again

7. acidicice ‘coz I don’t think I’ve never tagged her before

8. Mommy Is Moody, simply because I have the audacity to do so J


…come play on my roller coaster…

5 thoughts on “Is Eight Ever Enough!?!!

  1. Wedding planning was one of the main reasons I studied hotel management!

    So GOOD LUCK my friend – its an awesome thing to do 🙂

  2. I wonder if there is any particular reason that you are tagging me on a HARD one :oP Will post. Will pimp post on Twitter…not that you don’t read it anyway 🙂

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