Wow… I Am Betrothed…

No- we’re not engaged yet- we’re betrothed.
Thats what they call it when the groom-to-be and the brides family agree to a match.
My darling Glugster and I took my folks out to lunch yesterday. We were originally planning to go to “Browns of Rivonia” (because I love the place) but because my daddy darling’s diet is so severely limited, we opted for an easier option and went to Montecasino for the afternoon instead.
We had lunch at John Dory’s, and then strolled through the bird park, did a little gambling… which I really cannot develop a taste for (and where Glugs laughed at me again for hitting the cash-out button so quickly), browsed through the shops at Monte and just had a lekker afternoon.
Glugs asked my folks just after lunch if he could have their blessing to marry me, and even though my dad had said he would say- no just for fun- he didn’t.
So now all I have to wait for is the ring to be finished and for Glugs to decide how he wants to ask me.
He’s very relieved to have my folks’ blessing. He was a little embarrassed when I started telling my folks about our wedding plans and he hadn’t asked them if he may marry me yet… Of course that hadn’t even occurred to me! I just barrelled on ahead.

And on Saturday morning- after we went to see another venue- we went to the jeweller who is making my ring. She can talk the hind leg off a donkey, but the ring is now in-process. We already had the design and Glugs had narrowed his choice down to 2 stones, and we were there merely to finalise the design and make sure we were all on the same page and for Glugs to choose a stone. But it made us late for the rest of the day and we arrived at BlogGirls well over an hour late!

I’ll post about the rest of the weekend a little later.

I’m going to spend today working and trying not to be too distracted by wedding planning ideas!

Lent-For-Liam Has Paypal!!!

You heard me right!

A PayPal account has been set up so that any non-South Africans can contribute to this fantabulous cause. I’m not 100% sure how it works- but I think you can use this email address as a reference:
ljcadger at gmail dot com

And here’s a link to the Facebook Group thats been set up for more information, which is also where you can see who all is involved in managing the fund- so you know your contribution is going where its supposed to go.
There are also other ways to contribute, so go read through all the goodies and pick one!
I’m in.
Are you?

Angel’s Mind Is In Process!!!

Guess what bunnies!

I am having a blog template designed specially for me by the genius who is @merylpixelmagic!!

My darling Glugster bought for me, and though I’ve had it a couple of months already- I am only now getting my arse in gear and making it my own for real.

I am amazed in that I simply gave Meryl from pixelmagic a list of things that I think are me- strawberries, cupcakes, dragons, ADHD… and told her to do what she could.
Lemme tell you- she outdid herself!

This is, I think, pretty much what its going to look like. Isn’t it fantastic!?!??! Whaddayathink?

The part thats making me nervous though, is the need to switch to WordPress after more than four years with Blogger. I have to switch to WP to get the functionality I want, and its where Meryl does her work too.

I am going to be a little sad to move my main interweb home off of blogger- though I’ll still be there as my other blogs aren’t going anywhere. And of course I am terrified of losing what I’ve done there for the last 4 years… but thankfully my Glugster is very clever when it comes to stuff like this and he can help me make sure my stuff is all properly backed up and all that. And of course links will have to change…

And Meryl also does Twitter pages, which is next on my list!

Planning Our Wedding!!!

I am indeed!
We’re working on a guestlist, we’ve set a budget, and we’ve started looking at venues.
My mom thinks its hysterical that I am starting to plan our wedding before Glugs and I are even engaged, but I’ve never exactly stuck to the traditional sequence of things have I…?
We know we want to get married and we will be getting engaged, but I don’t want to wait till we only have a few months before we start planning.
We’ve even chosen a colour scheme!
How exquisite is this!!??!?


The wedding expo we went to was so much fun! I actually suprised myself with the dresses that made me gasp when they were on the catwalk… not exactly what I thought I would like for myself. These designs belong to Ricca Dee and F.Wilson.

There were several tables at the expo decorated with a particular theme, and there were cakes and flowers as well as gowns on display! There were companies who specialise in organising honeymoons, there were boudoir photography demonstrations, fashion shows for the designers, jewellery makers, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, stationery designers and companies who organise music.
We also looked at the expo venue as a possible venue for us- but I was unimpressed by the gardens and I think its too small for us- though their reception hall is lovely.
We have since visited 3 other venues, and we’ve decided on a rating scale for them!
Diep in die Berg scored a 6/10- I think its too small, I don’t like the stairs to the chapel, the gardens not as nice as I’d like and the chapel isn’t very pretty.
River Meadow Manor scored 8- its stunning but may be too small.
Her Majesty’s scored 7 (big, great hall, but a little too rustic for us) and Villa Tuscana a 2. Why a 2? Their fake rock look and over the top kitsch style was just too much…
We have appointments to see 3 more by early July.

My darling Glugster also bought me the Bride’s Diary, which is a handy and attractive hardcover reference for everything you could need- as well as making a nice keepsake. Its already stuffed full of cards and pamphlets!

Oh, and the date we’ve chosen? Will only be announced closer to the time.

Ooh I am SO excited!!!