I’m Working…

… or at least, I’m trying to.

I have to finish my presentation for the ADHASA Parenting Seminar, and provide them with a short CV by this Monday. I’m still trying to decide what to put on the CV as I don’t have any qualifications and I haven’t written a book or anything. I think “collector of ADHD reference books” may count though. Teehee…


I’m not nearly finished.

I am such a dreadful procrastinator… and any little thing can be turned into an excuse to put things off some more. Like organising to have a personalised template designed for me so that I can finally switch to my own domain… Like our weekly dancing lessons… Like this week’s photo shoot and then going out to dinner…

And last night when I arrived home, the knucklehead had been up to hijinx again and I was furious. He’s at home currently, because he hasn’t found a job (though he swears blind he’s looking every day), and yesterday he didn’t have his meds. Damien is not a logical being when it comes to action-equals-consequence at the best of times, but on no meds he’s 10 times worse!

I won’t elaborate too much, I’ll just say that Damien on no meds is a VERY hungry Damien (and he’s a good eater normally anyway) and he eats everything- even stuff he’s not supposed to eat. Damien on no meds is also a Damien with no concept of boundaries or personal space. He also doesn’t attempt to- or has no concept of covering his tracks!

I mean, I went through my mom’s closets and/ or bedside drawers a few times in my life- but if she suspected she never made a noise about it because I put everything back the way I found it.

Not Damien.

I wish he would try… I’m sure that If I didn’t know about it it wouldn’t bug me half as much!

13 thoughts on “I’m Working…

  1. Wenchy: as do I darling, as do I.

    Kirsty: ~~snigger~~

    momcat: he has been looking, and he goes around the shopping centres with his little CV but despite a few places saying “maybe”, he’s had no luck.

    The Jackson Files: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Malicious Intent: nope…

    Tamara: ta!

    JaneW: no worries girl, remember- my knucklehead is an ADHDer on top of being a teen.

    po: 😀

    Spear: thanx dude, I love hearing your take on these things.

    acidicice: I like that!

    sleepyjane: and you’re very flattering, thank you.

    Terri: the presentation is this Saturday!

  2. So how'd the presentation go? Duh! Look who I'm asking! I'm sure it went fine 🙂

  3. Ugh. It sounds really frustrating. It probably doesn't feel like it always, but seriously, you're like superwoman.

    And good luck with the presentation. Like Tamara said – you'll be fabulous.

  4. If he eats my chocolate Lindor balls I swear I'll…:)


    I think you should put 'Mother to Knucklehead' in your CV. Qualified up to your ears then aren't you?

  5. Hey there. A little insight on the eating thing. I am also a good eater, but on meds I only eat when hungry. Off of meds, I turn into a compulsive eater. If I don't take my meds, I eat when I am happy, I eat when I am bored (which is most of the time) I eat when I am anxious (which is the remainder of the time when I am not bored) etc etc.

    Know the feeling – looking for job myself currently.

  6. Sounds like you have been busy.

    You make me scared of teenage years (rightly so I think!).

    All the best with your speech. Go rock the house!

  7. Shame, man. The no meds thing doesn't sound like much fun at the moment 🙁 Hope it improves soon.

    All the best with the speech – you'll be brilliant.

  8. Time for Mommy to get a daytime padlock for your bedroom door. Of course then you risk coming home to your door being hacked in half, as he most likely would not think about your reaction later as he sits there with a small hand saw getting in.

    Ok, skip the lock…doors are expensive.

    Cannot win, can we??

  9. omg…i so went through all my parent's stuff when i was little, and then i found their stash of porn. and then i realised "euuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwww, my PARENTS WATCH PORN." and then i never snooped again.

  10. My son also was hopeless at finding himself a job. I am still sending out his cv myself from work. The job he has though is at my sister's work. Just keep talking to people. I suggest that you print out some copies of his cv and let me trot around your local industrial park and see if he can get a training position somewhere. I know its difficult with no matric etc but word of mouth sometimes works wonders. Also talk to peeps at work, etc.

  11. It's clearly a boy/girl thing! Girls are devious, therefore will "snoop" around and cover their tracks…. boys, on the other hand want to "snoop" – but are just too darn lazy to cover their tracks. Or maybe they're just too stoopid?? You choose!

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