Stuff And Stuff, You Know…?

I can not believe I almost forgot!
A couple of weeks ago we met Shebeeliciousness herself for lunch at Cubana in Cedar Square, since she’s back in Joburg and all.
Well, it start out as a lunch- but we only made our way home more than 6 hours later! We had such an awesome productive lunch it was fantastic.
We have got to start following up on all our ideas girl!

I love having you here close to us!

This weekend past was relatively restful compared to some of our weekends.
On Saturday morning we went looking for dancing shoes and I now am the proud owner of an exquisite pair of black strappy Latin dancing shoes and a pink bag to keep them in since I can’t wear them anywhere except on the dancefloor. The shop we found them in was amazingly reasonable, so we have now ordered a pair of ballroom dancing shoes too!

So spoilt me!!
At the same little shopping centre where we found the dancing shoes- we found a baking shop, and they had the most amazing cupcake goodies! I now have black, gold and silver cupcake cups- and a new recipe book!
I have several baking books now…

I also bought several ready-made decorations because they were simply irresistible… Like these shocking pink high-heel shoes! I bought a box of black shoes with pink roses on them too.
And my friend Stef came to visit! Some of you may know her as Sweets, whose blog is sadly currently in hibernation. It was so cool to see her again. We decided to have an impromptu braai before parting ways on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, the choir that my sweet Glugster sings with had a performance at a church in Blairgowrie and when he got back we went off to a friend of mine for her birthday brunch. I baked her some red velvet cupcakes and iced them with cream cheese frosting, with a plastic icing high-heel shoe on top of each one. They looked very pretty- but I bought a different type of cream cheese to the one I usually buy and the frosting wasn’t as white as I like it to be.Char was VERY chuffed with her birthday cupcakes!

After we got home from the brunch, I had to knuckle down and finish my ADHASA Parents Seminar presentation as I had to submit it today so that the organisers can start making the seminar CDs. I have a 15 minute slot at the seminar this Saturday- and I’ve been asking them for a chance to speak for a looong time! I am very excited about it. I love public speaking, and its something I’m good at- and it took me literally all afternoon to do it but its finished. By 10:30PM I had 2664 words, and my reading it took me just under 14 minutes. I submitted it this morning- after increasing it to 2730 words after some quick editing. I heard back from them soon after I mailed it and they love it! I am stoked at how well its already been received.

After the seminar I’ll post it here for anyone who would like to read it.

We’re still not knocked up, but we’re working on it ceaselessly. teehee…

17 thoughts on “Stuff And Stuff, You Know…?

  1. Wow Angel I love your dancing shoes. Uhmmm you're a spoiled girl!!! *wink*

    And I love the cupcakes too – mmmm it looks yummie!!

  2. those cupcakes look great with the shoosies!!!!! sorry i had to leave so early after the braai…. eish… but i'm no longer in hibernation tjomma…. hehe CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? i still can't πŸ™‚

  3. Jeanette: thank you!

    Brigitte: hey! don't make me give you a timeout!

    po: i bake for work occasionally for fun…

    Tamara: πŸ˜€



    Well done on impressing ADHASA with your speech πŸ˜‰

  5. Love the cupcakes, specially the red ones, you are so talented! We have started a baking rota at my work and tonight it was my turn to bake. Oh dear is all I can say. I need someone like you for help!

  6. Absolutely LOVE the smile on S's face πŸ™‚
    Damn those cupcakes look yummy.
    Well done on finishing the speech πŸ™‚

  7. Tanya: I went to the Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Fourways!

    Malicious Intent: πŸ˜€
    You'll have to come and visit me so I can bake for you!

    Laura: thank you

    Louisa: I'll see about organising a video one night at practice maybe…

    Spear: I'm sorry you'll miss the seminar. And we'll have to get together sometime- you to cook and me to bake!

    Simply-Mel: Sounds like an idea, maybe on a Friday…?

    acidicice: LOL, how many times have you seen it?!? I'll bake for you when I see you again!

    sleepyjane: πŸ™‚

  8. Wow! Those shoes look just like the ones from Dirty Dancing! Majorly sexy! Oh no. Now I want to see that movie again!

    Cupcakes are divine as usual. SUPER JEALOUS that I still haven't tasted any!

    I am very glad that your speech was well received, I can't wait to read it!

    I SUCK ASS at public speaking. Almost cried in an interview (with only 5 people listening) because my voice was shaking!

  9. Oh man, I didnt even know you could make red cupcakes. I am such a pleb…Please I think you need to give us a cupcake tutorial post once a month. My kids adore cupcakes and I will love to become au fait with a few of your tricks.

    And you have inspired me…am gonna google a dance house near me…even if just to justify a sexy pair of latin heels hehe!

  10. You must be the Queen of Cupcakes. I think I should come for some instruction. I bake well, but I cannot ice. I am very jealous that you have met up with sheebee and sweets! You, Glugs and them were my very first blogger friends way back when.

    I am not going to be able to make it to the ADHASA seminar! Damn, I realy wanted to meet you in person! We'll have to make a plan though.

  11. That shoe bag is the cutest thing! Soon I am going to have to see the two of you dancing up a storm.

    It's great having SheBeeGee up here at last, but I feel quite sorry for her that she's arrived in the middle of a bloody cold winter after living in such a nice warm place before – must b one hell of an adjustment.

  12. I LOVE that bag πŸ™‚ The shoes are nice too ;-p

    And those cup cakes are too cute.

  13. I am still bitter over those cupcakes. First on twitter, now here…this is torture! This is wrong, so wrong!

    BTW…them some sexy dancing shoes!
    You go girl!

  14. Wow what an awesome weekend!! I have thought of maybe starting to do ballroom too..I have wanted to do it for the longest time!
    Those shoes are stunning!
    Pls tell me which center you went to? That baking shop sounds devine!!As are those cupcakes!

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