My Hay Fever Is Under Control!

I never thought I’d be able to say that without admitting to using Zyrtec, Flixonase or Allergex or something like it.
I am now using only the homeopathic meds and where I was using Flixonase every 2 days when I started on the homeopathic stuff, I slowly went to every three days and then every four days, and I now haven’t needed it for well over 2 weeks.
It’s fantastic!
The homeopath I went to see- Charene Zeiler- gave me some little white pillules to take three times a day for the first few weeks, and then twice a day- and these were to desensitise me. Then I have a bottle of drops that I am using 3 times a day (10 drops at a time) or more often if I need to.
I am simply LOVING not sneezing!
And for those who think I may be exaggerating, you can ask
Louisa– I sneeze a LOT when I am not properly treated or don’t take any meds! She visited me when I was still waiting for the homeopathic meds to take full effect (they have taken about 3 months to start working fully).
And- the bonus is that it’ll be safe for me to continue to use should we fall pregnant.
I actually didn’t realise it immediately but it’s been almost 2 weeks since I needed to use the Flixonase nasal spray.
And I’m now back on the daily inhaled cortisoids for my asthma, so that’s under control again too. I’m using
Inflammide and it makes such a huge change. Usually, I have two or three Venteze inhalers- one in my handbag, one in the drawer next to my bed and a spare one. And I was going through an inhaler a month. If you have to use a Venteze or Ventolin inhaler (the ones used to treat symptoms only) more than twice a week- your asthma is not under control! I haven’t needed either of them in well over a week.
And the doc assures me that inhaled cortisoids are safe for use in pregnancy. After all- if I get pregnant and I can’t breathe then the baby won’t be able to either*.

So I’m feeling much better!!

…come play on my rollercoaster…

*and this is the last time you’re going to hear me mention TTC or pregnancy with regard to myself and my Glugster

12 thoughts on “My Hay Fever Is Under Control!

  1. When I quit smoking cigs for good…. (im around them some but very very minimal) I realize I dont have to take Ventolin but about 2 puffs a week at most… depending on the air quality. As for the daily ones… mine is Advair… I still use it once a day for the 'soids to keep the airways at maximum openness….. I cant beleive how well I feel now. Ya know.. asthma wise.

  2. Louisa: if I can actually stop sneezing for good, I dunno if I will know what to do with myself! Never mind the savings on the tissues I buy every month!

    Tay: tell me about it!

    The Jackson Files: seriously? Which one is it? Good luck!

    lulu: it has been worth it!

    cybersass: I know it sounds like a cliché, but I wish I’d done it years ago. The thought of the months of waiting for it to “kick in” always put me off… I was on Zyrtec daily- which worked like a bomb most of the time- except when I got an itchy eye attack once or twice a month, and when it wasn’t Zyrtec I was buying Allergex because it was cheaper- but I had to practically overdose myself before it worked… all the others stopped working for me years ago.

    Mel: sorry, I wish I did… and I do hope you can find something that works!

    Jeanette: me too!

    po: you will not believe how much I sneezed! I am allergic- according to tests- to almost 100 different plants, over and above the regulars like pet dander, dust and smoke… I honestly think that my hiatus hernia- which I had fixed almost 3 years ago and which was going on 10 years old when they found it in 1995- was probably a result of all the years of sneezing!

    cybersass and Jeanette: As for not talking about the TTC… I will blog about it in my private blog, just to get it off my chest and out of my head… but I have turned into someone I don’t like. Someone my friends have to tiptoe around and worry about instead of joyously announcing their pregnancies to the world!
    I feel like two people… happy and smiling and celebrating in public, then going home and crying and whining… its not nice, and its not me.

  3. Is your hayfever really bad? I never got it in SA but the foreign pollen must make my nose unhappy. I shall keep your cure in mind…

  4. so glad it's under control!
    I hope you don't stop talking about ttc and pg!! I agree with Sass, this is YOUR outlet!

  5. Have decided to go to a homeopath for my PMS, tired of the constant spotting and wanna kill myself weepiness on stupid yasmin. Anyone know of a good one in CT?

  6. man, that sounds amazing! i'm probably as allergic as you – have been using loratadine every day for years. time to check out the homeopathic route. for sure.

    as for not talking about ttc – you know, our blogs are our personal outlet for the things going on with us. seeing that that's a major thing going on with you, why censor it? just saying. 😉

  7. i have got this nasty little addiction to nose spray at the moment and i'm trying to quit it cold turkey and MAN is it making me sneeze. it's TERRIBLE, so i can (slightly) begin to imagine what a relief it must be for you not to be sneezing any more.

  8. Grief! I have NEVER heard anyone sneeze as much as you do when you're properly treated Angel. It's like you can hardly breathe between "achoos!".

    I'm glad the new stuff has kicked in at last. As you know, I am a big supporter of homeopathic meds – they might take longer to kick in, but when they solve a problem it usually stays solved unlike the normal stuff which you eventually build a resistance too.

    Good for you for hanging in there! 🙂

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