I Think I Have A Jinx…

Every time I add someone to my “read daily” list, they stop posting on a daily basis!

I’m beginning to worry about this…

6 thoughts on “I Think I Have A Jinx…

  1. acidicice: every other day is also still fine, but some people disappear for weeks!

    S.S.N.: i give a regular read a few months before i move them to my "hibernating" list…

    Jeanette: oh thank goodness, so its not just me!


  2. I am here! Just been a really busy week…getting ready to haul the kids off for autism bowling night.
    I actually been wanting to post with photos, and my camera is giving me a bit of a fight. Gonna try again today.

    Hope all is well on your side of the world. 😉

  3. My question is: How long do I wait for someone to post before I remove them from my list? I have some who haven't posted in more than a year.

  4. I might be guilty of that. Work is just so hectic and I've taken to napping in my lunch time instead of blogging.

    Will pull up my socks!

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