69 Again

I have- of course- done a 69 before… on my blog I mean… but since there’s only one constant in life besides death, taxes and gravity, I thought I’d do an updated version!

It was also done by Sass and Wenchy!



1.       Are your parents married or divorced?           They’re still married and celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary this year!!

2.       Are you a vegetarian?           Nope… I really like a good steak every now and then, and I love burgers and such!

3.       Do you believe in Heaven?     I do indeed. As in the one where Christ sits at God’s right hand and animals don’t get to go.

4.       Have you ever come close to dying?   I don’t think so. I’ve been hospitalised for asthma a couple of times, but I never let it get bad enough to be almost dead… I’ve never had a car accident and I’m a real chicken so I don’t really take chances on risky stuff apart from maybe a team building type fun day things with my colleagues.

5.       What jewelry do you wear?   Earrings and a few rings every single day, and usually an amethyst bedecked silver dragon on a chain round my neck.

6.       Favorite time of day?            Night time. When we’ve had supper and played on the interweb and had a shower and I get to snuggle in my Glugster’s arms whilst we watch something on TV.

7.       Do you eat the stems of broccoli?       Well… I eat the whole thing that comes frozen in a bag- so if that includes the stems then the answer is “yes”.

8.       Do you wear makeup?          Every day! I love my makeup, and I love experimenting with new looks and trying things I see in magazines. I have also done the makeup for several brides, year-end parties and photo shoots!

9.       Ever have plastic surgery?     Not yet, but it’s definitely on the cards!

10.   Do you color your hair?         Not as a rule, but I have done it several times.

11.   What do you wear to bed?    Usually I’m au’naturel baby. I get hot very easily, so sharing my bed with my Glugster, sleeping under a down duvet and weighed down by between 7 and 13 kilograms of furbaby is plenty warmth enough. I might make a concession in winter and don a T-shirt or a tracksuit top though.

12.   Have you ever done anything illegal?  Lots! Who hasn’t!!?! Shoplifting, underage smoking, underage drinking, underage sex, speeding, driving with an expired license…

13.   Can you roll your tongue?      Sort of…

14.   Do you tweeze your eyebrows?          Nope. I have had them tweezed by beauticians once or twice, but I’ve never done it myself.

15.   What kind of sneakers?         I just bought myself a pair of pink and black Nikes!

16.   Do you still own vinyl?           Nope. All gone.

17.   What is your hair color?        Right now, a dark auburn with some coloured streaks. My own colour is a dark brown with lotsa natural red highlights.

18.   Future child’s name? Cornelius or Caitlin… 😉

19.   Do you snore?          Probably. My nose is pretty much permanently blocked.

20.   If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?        Probably Machu Piccu…

21.   Do you sleep with stuffed animals?     There is a teddy bear on our bed most of the time… and we always have at least one cat on the bed…

22.   If I won the lottery… what I would do with it depends entirely on how much I win. I’ve spent it in my head SOO many times! And I have worked out that to achieve everything on my wish list and retire comfortably, I would need at least R20M!!!

23.   Gold or silver?          Silver

24.   Hamburger or hot dog?         Burger for me, if I can only choose between those two that is!

25.   If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?           Junk. Or fast. I’d be happy with either one. 😀

26.   City, beach or country?         City. Unashamedly.

27.   What was the last thing you touched? Erm… that would be my keyboard. Right?

28.   Where did you eat last?        Unfortunately it was my clients’ canteen- but on Sunday night Glugs and I ate at Rhapsody’s in Menlyn! Man that was awesome! I had a Brie and Avocado steak with Madagascar sauce, and Glugs had a chicken dish with ham and mashed potatoes. I also had a kiwi martini cocktail! It was the first time I cheated on my “no alcohol” rule in a loooong time and it was really yummy too!

29.   When’s the last time you cried?         A couple of Sunday afternoons ago, coming home from the game farm. The whole weekend I had seen things I just knew the knucklehead would find interesting- and on the way home I realised he probably hadn’t even missed me. This rapidly spiraled into a pity party with me wondering if he would ever miss me and and and… my poor Glugster got a bit of a fright.

30.   Do you read blogs?   Every single day! It’s like chatting with my friends!

31.   Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?  I have done so. In fact, back when I was young and skinny I went to work in my then-boyfriend’s church suit and tie.

32.   Ever been involved with the police?    Sadly, yes…

33.   Whats your favorite shampoo, conditioner and soap?               I use Head & Shoulders, Pantene, whichever shower gel smells nice when I’m doing my shopping, and lots of Body Thrills!!!

34.   Do you talk in your sleep?      I believe I do… though I don’t know how clear it is. The knucklehead does too.

35.   Ocean or pool?         Neither… I’m not big on cold water at all. I may swim at the gym sometimes, but only if it’s heated.

36.   What’s your favorite song at the moment?      I’m still loving “Paralysed” by Finger Eleven!

37.           Hey!!! Where’s the question for#37…

38.   What is your favorite colour/s?          Seems like everyone’s choice, but I love purple. And red.

39.   Ever met anyone famous?     Hhmmm… I don’t think sooooo… I have met the members of several South African bands when asking for autographs, and I’ve met Cyber Sass and ExMi😀

40.   Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?       Thus far, yes, I think I have. But that said, I still have a loooong way to go to achieve my goals.

41.   Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?  Twirl and then slurp!

42.   Ricki Lake or Oprah?                 Neither. I cannot STAND talk shows!

43.   Basketball or Football?             I would really much rather watch motorsport…

44.   How long do your showers last?           Well, it depends on whether I am alone. Usually my Glugster and I shower together, so they’re not super-fast… 😛

45.   Automatic, or do you drive a stick?      My Opel is a manual. I have driven an automatic and though it was a little disconcerting at first I got used to it quickly.

46.   Cake or ice cream?   Ice cream please.

47.   Are you self-conscious?           I would love to say not at all- but I am to a degree.

48.   Have you ever drank so much you threw up?   Unfortunately yes. Since I had my hernia fixed though, I am no longer able to throw up, so I am careful not to overdo it. Once, since I had my op, did I drink so much that I wanted to throw up- and the retching with no result was agonising. Literally. I also woke up still drunk the next morning because the Long Island Iced Teas had had all night to gently seep into my bloodstream. This had never happened before, and I hope to never let it happen again.

49.   Have you ever given money to a tramp?            I have… but I don’t make a habit of it.

50.   Have you been in love?            I have, and I am!

51.   Where do you wish you were?              At home… with my internet and my blogging and my photos and my TV and my books and my cats…

52.   Are you wearing socks?           Yup! Knee-high black socks with little red satin bows all up the back!

53.   Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?             Nope. My sisters both have, and I’m not sure but I think my brother has too… but not me.

54.   Can you tango?           Yes! I learned how to in our dance lessons!

55.   Last gift you received?              Last weekend- several! Nine West heels and a matching handbag, jewellery, a new tattoo, clothing…

56.   Last sport you played?              Showee… I don’t play sport at all! Never have…

57.   Things you spend a lot of money on? Food… Groceries, fast food, cupcake goodies…

58.   Where do you live?    Gauteng!

59.   Where were you born?            Gauteng!

60.   Last wedding attended?           My cousin’s wedding in Durbs! That was rather a nice weekend away.

61.   Favorite alcoholic drink?          I LOVE cocktails of all sorts!!! And red wine…

62.   What’d you do last weekend?                Friday night Glugster and I went out to supper at Jungle Sushi which was awesome, on Saturday he and I spent the day together strolling around Sandton and shopping up a storm, and in Sunday my knucklehead and I had a mom-and-son-date-day! We shopped a little, window shopped and went for tattoos! His first and my seventh.

63.   Most hated food/s?    Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, spicy foods, Turkish delight, marzipan and coconut. I’m not terribly fussy am I…

64.   What’s your least favourite chore?       All of them! I can be a domestic goddess if the fancy takes me- but I really will quite happily do nothing at all!

65.   Can you sing?              I can keep a tune… enough to enjoy karaoke without making a complete arse of myself.

66.   Last person you instant messaged?    My Glugster… I text him with a “good morning, I love you” type message every week day.

67.   Last place you went on holiday?         We were in Cape Town for two weeks last December, but we also have weekends away at a game farm…

68.   Favorite regular drink?          Cola Tonic and Lemonade! Its yummy and a nice replacement for Coke!

69.   Current crush?         My Glugster, of course! I’ve said it several times… but I think it may actually be illegal in some countries to be this happy!

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