Bridal Expos and Prizes

Last night, myself, my mommy darling, my SIL to be and her mom went to the Exclusive Evening at the Sandton Sun- which is part of the Sandton City Bridal Expo currently on the go.

It was so cool, and we were very spoilt! There was champers, and the most amazing canapés I’ve ever seen, and we got juice and water through the evening. We also got goodie bags when we left with little bits in from all the sponsors- from chocolates to magazines!


I LOVE goodie bags!

And lemme tell you, my SIL-to-be and  I cleaned UP on the prizes! I won a R2000 voucher from SA Wedding Decor and a voucher from La Senza, and my SIL-to-be won a voucher for a wedding photo brag-book, a Clarins hamper and something else… damn! I’ve fogotten what it was!

It was fabulous!

Very interactivce and very informative.

13 thoughts on “Bridal Expos and Prizes

  1. OMW, I’m so sorry 8UNNI! I completely forgot to mention you were there too! And it was so cool to see you again!

    Gina: why thank you 🙂

    Louisa: they do indeed!

    zola237: it certainly seemed extravagant!

    JaneW: it so was!

    Aw thanx Tamara!

    acidicice: definitely not. I gave the prize to my SIL to be. 😀

    Gilz: aren’t they just!?? Where do I start!?!?!?!

    Laura: cool- me too!!! 🙂

    Jeanette: innitjust!?

    Darla: it was and I did!

    Wenchy: teehee 🙂

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