So… Erm, Is It Enough…

To tempt fate- to lure the conception faeries closer- if we simply announce that we’re not going to try and get pregnant anymore, that we’re planning an overseas holiday and that I’m going to buy a sportscar…?

Or do we actually have to do those things…?

17 thoughts on “So… Erm, Is It Enough…

  1. Okay all bunnies… so I have to continue planning an overseas holiday, and I have to start pricing sportcars that have no space for a pram or a baby seat.

  2. I hear that getting drunk and crawling in a hottub to play ‘scrabble’ works remarkably well … but I’m sure an awesome vacation and sports car won’t hurt either 🙂

  3. If you want it to rain, wash your car. If you want to find your car keys, stop looking for them. Stands to order that if you want to get preggers that you go do something where it would be a complete inconvenience or socially unacceptable! lol. 🙂

  4. Do those things Angel, you deserve them anyway! 5 days after I told my gynae that I was not going to try anymore and that I was definitely NOT going for IVF I was preggers – weird how these things happen…

  5. Got to agree with Mel here, usually happens after you’ve stopped being good and went ape shit with everything you weren’t supposed to (case in point). Stick to the vitamins and folic acid though, can’t do any harm.

  6. you *actually* have to do these things. go on, you know you’ll enjoy having a sports car!

    and well, you’ll make a plan with a babyseat, no doubt!

  7. Try booking the holiday! Some time away from the stress and there are way too many stories of people getting knocked up just before.

  8. the overseas holiday sounds like a bargain – who know’s maybe youll get preggers whilst abroad *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* 🙂

  9. Its normally when you ditch the pre-natel vits, smoke your lungs out, get horribly drunk and / stoned that you find you were actually preggers and then have to worry about that fateful party night. Sorry this is so frustrating for you guys, guess that word doesn’t quite sum it up. Maybe God wants you to be Mr & Mrs before critter arrives? Or He wants you to fit into your dress? Trusting with you in His timing all the while hoping He will hurry it up somewhat. x

  10. I think you have to do some of it and have the rest planned, so you can be interrupted. 😉

    (Don’t forget the red wine – like I told you, mkay!)

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