What Was Screwing Me Around!??!?

Skype installs a bundle of services that search your machine and FB and and and… to tell you who is online and what their status is, and checks every number you type against your Skype stuff to try and compare it to phone numbers and such. It literally left my internet explorer hanging EVERY FEW SECONDS as I typed!

Its been an infuriating couple of weeks lemme tell you.

Now I can finally blog properly and send emails properly. I’ve got prizes I want to talk about and links to posts I’ve written and ideas for posts on my wedding blog- and I can finally do them all properly!!

The only reason Tweetdeck worked – is because Skype doesn’t even see it!!!

Thank you my darling Glugster for putting me out of my misery. You are my hero.

12 thoughts on “What Was Screwing Me Around!??!?

  1. Gen: my Glugs fixed it for me! And now you should see a “home” button, a link at the top to the last or the next post, and the option to link to comments via email!!!

  2. Ja, sometimes the functionality of a program is cancelled out by the ‘side-effects’. I love Google Calendar, but Google’s off-line mail is a nightmare. It uses much more precious Megabites to synchronize, than just going online everytime and check and write mails online.

  3. Glad to see your back and have everything sorted again. I can understand your frustration if one’s Internet Explorer do not want to work properly and one have to keep in touch. 🙂

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