So Very Exciting!!

This weekend, my darling Glugster is taking me away and we’ll be getting engaged. We’ll be leaving for our destination tomorrow morning, and coming home on Sunday- via my mommy and daddy darling’s place, where we’ll have champers with my family!

I have no idea where he’s taking me, or what he’s up to… but I am SO excited!

And I am so afraid I’m going to blurt out “YES!” everytime he so much as glances in my direction! And since I know he’s going to propose… how am I supposed to look at everything around me if I’m waiting on temterhooks for him to offer me a ring!?!!

My mommy darling asked if I’ve searched the house for the ring, but even if I wanted to it wouldn’t do any good since its been locked in his office safe since he fetched it! 😉 And I told him I didn’t want to see the finished ring until he offers it to me. We chose the design together, so I have an idea what it looks like, but thats as much as I wanted to know. :p

20 thoughts on “So Very Exciting!!

  1. Ummm isnt Sunday over for you yet? … Im waiting on deets here… I got pleeeeennnntttyyyy of time girl.

  2. Yes, oh yes, I am EXCITED! Maybe more excited than you? Well, probably not but still EXCITED!!!! Enjoy! You deserve it all, Love!

  3. so it’s kind of a planned engagement but with some surprises thrown in, like the location and ring, lol cool, some people just say why dont we get married since it’s inevitable and have no formal engagement, so even though you know about it and it’s not a surprise proposal, it’s exciting, hope the weekend turns out awesome!!! take lots of pics for your blog 😛

  4. OMG … I am sooo sexcited fro you two!!

    Please dont forget to take loads of pics and stuff because we are all going to wait with bated breathe for all the skinny when you get back!!

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