Finally! All About Our Engagement Weekend!

Wow. I know I’ve kept you all waiting for so long… but I’ve been working on the post. And we’ve been doing some other stuff too… but this should answer all your questions!


So on Friday lunchtime-ish, my darling Glugster and I set off for our destination. Which for me was still a mystery.

All week I’d been falling asleep at my desk, and when I started dozing off in the car, I asked my sweetheart if he would mind me catching 40 winks. I tipped my seat back and slept almost all the way there!!

Shortly after I awoke we pulled up at the gates of the luxurious 4 star Plumari Game Lodge. It’s beautiful, and we were put into the deluxe chalet, number 14, aka “Warthog”! Our little veranda looked out onto what they call the elephant pool, and there were kudu and waterbuck at the pool when we arrived.

Plumari was the first game lodge in Gauteng to sport the big 5- though the leopards are not residents- and shortly after we arrived we set off on a game drive. We were the first tow people in the vehicle, and we were snuggling and canoodling and giggling as we usually do, when a loud American accent pronounced that we must surely be honeymooners! We grinned and said “not yet”… We saw SO many animals, including catching a glimpse of their 3 lionesses through the long grass, where they were lounging after polishing off half a cow. We also saw several birds, and then were very sorry we left our bird book at home.

Coming back from the game drive led to dinner in the lodge restaurant. Several courses, all snazzy and different to “the usual” and oh so yummy!

We then retired to our cottage, where our king-sized bed had been turned down and the electric blanket turned on.

Talk about spoilt!

We, erm… went to bed early 😉 because my darling told me we’d be having a really early morning.


The next morning, I was awoken at 5h30, with coffee, by my Glugs. We got dressed, and then set off for another destination that was to be a surprise for me. I was already immensely excited, and it was dark so I couldn’t see much along the road… but when we turned into the driveway of Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Safaris– my butterflies started doing backflips!!

They were already filling the balloon (one of the three biggest in the country) when we arrived and had coffee- and I was stunned by how big it was! Even the basket dwarfed the bakkie standing next to it! It wasn’t long before they called us over to climb into the basket- which held 17 people including our pilot- Tracy-! We then had a short safety talk, and Tracy started filling the balloon with hot air using the massive burners above our heads. We rose so gently and slowly I didn’t even realise at first that we weren’t on the ground anymore!

It was gawjiss from up there, and my darling remembered how I love to fly in a way that I can still see the ground beneath me!

About halfway through our hour-long flight, my Glugs turned me to face him (I was taking pictures like a mad thing of course) and said that he had been planning to go on one knee, but space in the basket was limited, and said “Will you marry me?”. He had the ring box in his hand and opened it to offer me the ring! I said yes as he slipped the ring onto my finger, and as we kissed our pilot said, “Finally! I was wondering when you were going to get around to it!!” She then took a picture of the two of us, and there was a chorus of congratulations from the other occupants.

As our flight continued, my sweetheart told me that he has been on cloud nine since we met, and that this was as close as he could get to the actual clouds.

When we landed about 11km from where we’d taken off, a little bus was waiting for us and we had champagne and orange juice, as is traditional, and marveled at how fast they packed up the balloon! Back at Bill Harrops’ we had a wonderful breakfast and were then given certificates of achievement- as well as a special congratulatory card for Glugs and I! 






We then took ourselves back to Plumari, where the staff came to look for us to ask if we wanted breakfast! After thanking them and saying we’d just eaten, we then retired to, erm… catch up on some sleep *ahem* and woke up in time for lunch! Lunch was taken in Plumari’s restaurant looking out over the elephant pool, with fabulous birdlife, waterbuck and kudu for company.

After lunch, we went on another game drive! This time we were on a MUCH bigger game drive vehicle and there were about 16 of us on the drive. We didn’t get to see any lions that time, much to the other occupants’ disappointment. We did see lots of other animals though. I got some pretty cool pictures of the rhinos and buffalo on the second game drive.


On Sunday morning, we actually got to sleep a little late, and then went back to the restaurant for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went for an “elephant experience” which started with a DVD about where Plumari’s two, semi domesticated, elephants- Damara (the younger elephant) and Nzeve– had come from and how they’d been trained, and a safety talk. A short stroll past our cottage later and we met up with the two ellies where they waited for us with their handlers. They gave us a short demonstration of the commands they’d been taught, and then they lay down so that we could run out hands over their skin and ears. It’s amazing how hairy they are, and how hard the hair is!!

We were then shown by their trainer how we would be feeding them oranges cut into quarters- including taking a piece that we’d be holding in our teeth! After feeding orange pieces to the first elephant, we did the same routine with the second elephant, and then as a bonus, the elephant was told to take his “victim’s” hat off- which he passed to the handler in his back- and then “kissed” them on the head with the slobbery end of his trunk before handing the hat back! My “kiss” thankfully dry but the ellie LOVED the feeling of my Glug’s short hair and he got a head rub and a kiss!


Then it was lunchtime, and we went back to the restaurant where we watched the elephants play and push each other around and throw dust on themselves.


Then we got brave… and made the decision to hike to the top of the koppie to see bushman petroglyphs! It was quite a hectic walk up the hill, but our guide- though almost unintelligible most of the time- was highly entertaining, rambling on about the “fokken skelm ou mense”!

By the time we came down we were beyond buggered, and still had to drive home.


And we weren’t done yet!


On the way home we stopped at my mommy and daddy darling’s house! My siblings and their significant others, and my granny darling, and some of my cousins were all there waiting for us. I had made arrangements earlier in the week with my mommy darling for the party, and for my sister C to pick up the knucklehead and for him to bring the two bottles of champers we already had in the fridge… and my sister C giggled since she doesn’t know anyone else who arranged their own engagement party before they actually got engaged!

I then later found out that my darling Glugs and my mommy darling had already been arranging a surprise engagement party when I decided to organise something with my mom!

Sorry baby… I do so love organising… *sheepish grin*

We toasted our engagement with bubbly- and my daddy darling briefly speechified and managed to say no less than THREE times that we’d all been waiting a loooong time for this. And of course I had to tell everyone how he’d popped the question since we’d been pretty much incommunicado for the entire weekend apart from thé twitpic and an mms to friends and family.


We got home totally wiped out, but blissfully happy.


And as most of you can imagine, I took well over 600 photographs over the weekend, and I’ve loaded some of the ones I really like in a flickr set for you all to see!


And, before I forget, you can get hold of Gisela Piercey, a Tour Operator for Southern Africa- who helped my sweet Glugs with the organising- like this:

email: gpiercey [at]

phone/ fax: 046 648 2632

30 thoughts on “Finally! All About Our Engagement Weekend!

  1. I still can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled I am for you my sweet sis. You SO desrve to be so absolutely ridiculously happy and to have such a wonderful man in your life – I always knew you would find true happiness. I ove you to the moooon!!!

  2. Simply Curious: this was such a nice surprise to see you comment again! I too think of you often, and I cannot see a balloon without thinking of you! 😀

    Katy: it was beyond perfect!

    Laura: I agree completely!

    Louisa: it so was!

    Hardspear: thank you Spear. Its quite mindboggling!

    Julia: thank you!

    cath: xxx

    Panni: amazing is not the word!

    JaneW: thank you!

    ExMi: luvvit!

    Lulu: sssssssiiiiiighhhhhhh… indeed!

    Acidicice: brave??! Elephants!?! Ha!! I’m not scared of anything! Except rollercoasters. And those big boat things that swing upside down… and cockroaches, flying ants, rotating tunnels and off-roading… 😀

    Jeanette: it was stunning indeed! And every time I pointed my camera, I wondered “how Jenty would see things” 😀

    Mel: thank you sweet Mel!


    Gisela Piercey: it was fabulous, thank you so much for all your hard work!

    Karen Griffith Gryga: excellent advice!

    Bobbi Janay: ta 😀

    SheBee: ag sweetie… you know we love you too!!! And back then it was you and Sweets both! When he was talking to you, I was talking to her! And when she met him the first time, she said she knew I would like him!

    Sally: wow indeedy! How wonderfully spoilt am I, eh?
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Finally! All About Our Engagement Weekend! =-.

  3. Agman! I am snottingandtraning here, and PLEASE can I just brag? I *knew* you guys would get married. I *knew* Gluggie was falling for you, all those years ago. When we used to do midnight chats and skype each other three ways 😉

    I am so, so, so ecstatically happy for you both my dear beloved friendlyfriend maaitjies. And I love you both so much.


  4. No sweetheart, I’m not blogging again, at least not for the time being. But you are endlessly in my thoughts, and I haven’t forgotten you. How could I? I may or may not start blogging in the no-so-crazy-near future, but for now, I’ll continue to peek in on you and the very few other blogs I check. Again sending you enormous and infinite x’s and o’s. You are an amazing woman, on an amazing journey and I’m happy to feel a small part of it.


  5. Congratulations!! What a great way to get engaged. My only advice (as if you asked) is to continue to treat yourselves (as a couple) in such special ways every now and again. A couple times of year make a special effort to celebrate you as a couple.

    Sounds like an absolutely fantastic weekend! I would soooo love to go to a safari some day!!

    .-= Karen Griffith Gryga´s last blog ..Working Memory — Can It Be Expanded??? (ADHD, Learning Disabilities) =-.

  6. I am so happy that you had such a wonderful weekend and am glad that I could contribute a bit to it. Thanks for mentioning my details – I really enjoy organising special holidays and getaways.
    Take care!

  7. Now that is VERY impressive! I pray that your marriage will stay sexy and romantic and exciting and you two will often have your heads in the clouds. What a divine romantic awesome proposal!!
    .-= Mel´s last blog ..The confident curvy girl =-.

  8. I can’t (and totally can) believe that I was right about the hot air balloon! I really tried to think of the biggest, grandest romantic gesture in the world – that was what I came up with. Obviously Glugs and I think alike!

    It sounds like such a perfect weekend. You are sooooo lucky! I LOVED the elephant pics. You were VERY brave to let them take oranges out of your mouth!

    *squishes* Super happy for you babe!
    .-= acidicice´s last blog ..Scan pics scanned =-.

  9. OMG!!!
    Are you back?? Are you blogging again?
    How long have you been hiding!?!??
    And I was just thinking this morning that its been well over a month since I sent you an email last!!!

    WONderful to see you here again girl!!


  10. I still remember getting tears in my eyes when I first returned from a long blogging absence to find two of my favourite bloggers (who met on my humble blog) have met in person and that they are a couple. It was truly a very heart warming experience. May you stay madly in love with each other for the rest of your days!
    .-= Hardspear´s last blog ..The things men don’t talk about =-.

  11. I am so so so so happy for you sweetheart. HUGE HUGS AND HUGE KISSES!!!!! I am so happy to finally see a happy ending. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Like I told Uncle Gluggy, I’ve been lurking for ages on your blogs and I finally couldn’t stay quiet anymore. Love you both! (and thank you for being the only ones that remembered my birthday…)

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