I “stole” this from CathJenkin who often has some very cool list thingies, and- lets face it- bloggers steal ideas for posts from each other all the time, so I reckon you can take it as a compliment C@th!
1. want: the shit to stop. grow the fuck up and do what’s right.
2. need: to stop dwelling on what can’t be.
3. thankful for: my life. my life that is beyond fabulous in spite of occasional crap.
4. thinking: about how people still stun me, some with generosity and some with spitefulness…
5. quote: “Oh, wouldn’t it be great if I *was* crazy? Then the world would be okay.” 12 Monkeys
6. watching: the clock… for SO many reasons!
7. lacking: patience…
8. listening: to the music loaded on my laptop… that I tell myself every day is now getting boring!
9. responding: as politely as I can to my clients
10. planning: my wedding!
11. am: ready for a weekend away with some fabulous friends.
12. not: keen on going back to work on Monday…

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  3. Hey YOU! Have a lekker weekend and don’t stress too much bout phoning – Will chat with you next weekend – Go and relax and have a jol! Love you stax – MWA

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