Road Trips, Rhino, Kudu, Cupcakes, Stars, Swimming, Food, Friends…

What a glorious weekend in the bush!


This weekend past saw another weekend available at Kamonande, the game farm we have shares in, and when we received our schedule a while ago we thought we’d invite some friends along to enjoy it with us. As a result, ExMi and the two men in her life, and Rebecca and her two men were duly emailed, and we started plotting our escape. We arranged to meet at our house so we could be followed out to the farm, and ExMi, her BF and the kid drove with us in our car.

The plan was to share meals, with my Glugster and I opting for the two dinners (so we could do our now traditional trip-to-Kamonande-burgers), ExMi choosing to do the two breakfasts and Rebecca doing our two lunches. When we set off a little later than planned on Friday- which always happens with us- we heard that there was a complete disaster at the one tollgate we needed to go through, so we opted to stop for supper close to “home”, and then set off. This also covered one of the dinners my Glugster and I were responsible for.

😀 I don’t think Cappuccinos has been the same since! 😀

I have completely forgotten what its like to travel or eat out with a little boy, and sitting in the restaurant with Jackson and the kid brought back soooo many memories! Make no mistake- they weren’t naughty, they didn’t run shrieking through the restaurant or throw things or climb under other people’s tables or scream- but watching how much work it is to be mommy to a little boy reminded me of years long gone for me and the knucklehead.

After supper, we climbed back into our fully loaded vehicles and set off for Limpopo province, which is between 2.5 and 3 hours away, depending on the traffic. We eventually arrived at the house at Kamonande at around 11pm, and we all pretty much fell into bed. The little munchkins however, were apparently full of beans and didn’t go to sleep till much later!

The next morning saw the start of a glorious day! The mommies were woken early by their boys, and they went outside to play and my Glugster and I were awake shortly afterwards- earlier than we’ve ever arisen when we’re on the farm- and not long after were treated to a smashing farmhouse-type breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato and toast cooked up by ExMi and her BF!

Tummies full, we climbed onto the game drive vehicle with a loaded cooler box, and took ourselves off for a drive. We took a route that’s familiar to the two of us, and when we passed someone else on the road, we asked if they’d seen anything- as one does on a game farm- changing our route to go and look for the zebra they said they’d spotted.

It was a leisurely 2 and a bit hour drive, and we saw lots of animals as well as finding a rusted old truck that we’d never seen before! Whilst everyone else kept a look out for the buffalo and the rhino, I went to take a few pictures of the truck. It looks like they parked it under the tree it’s under and never moved it again. Very cool! I have got to get more pictures next time with my other lens and some different angles. 


Then it was lunch time, and the cover came off the pool.

The water was so awesome that even I swam, which is practically unheard of!

Rebecca and Dave went all out with our Saturday lunch! She baked a quiche from scratch- which was delish and impressed all of us- and brought fresh bread and butter and cheese and a salad!

We then lounged around the pool and watched the boys play- with ExMi’s kid shouting “Do it again!” at Rebecca’s Jackson every few minutes!

Leaving everyone to their own devices, my Glugster and I went to have a bit of an afternoon snooze, as we usually do when we’re on the farm. When I woke with a start some 4 HOURS LATER, I was quite speechless that we’d been out cold for so long!

We opted not to go for a night drive as the two little boys were wiped out after all the excitement, and they got bathed and put to bed, giving their mommies some much deserved R&R time.

We then built a bit of a bonfire, and watched the stars come out. We saw several satellites going by over our heads at different speeds and in different directions, and I think I may have seen a shooting star as well.

And then my Glugster and I got our turn at making supper.

Since the first time we went to Kamonande, we’ve made cheese burgers for supper on one of the nights we’re there, and this trip was no different. Whilst he braaied the burger patties, I sliced the rolls open and cut up tomato and onion. Sliced cheese and some sauces completed our preparation- and as everyone built their burgers we both commented on how we had had the easiest meal preparation by far!

We had a leisurely supper, and after agreeing to meet back in the living area for some “30 Seconds”, we split up to shower and bath and such.

We then proceeded to miss each other in a sitcom-like comedy of errors and bad timing, and didn’t play any games at all!

The next morning saw us all awake early again, with Exmi and her BF again outdoing themselves with a fabulous breakfast.

Shortly afterwards we set off on another game drive to a different part of the farm to see if we could find some more animals. Amongst other things, we found a baby giraffe and its mommy, and we spotted a black-backed jackal as it trotted away from our approach. Very cool indeed. Then it was back to the house to have hotdogs for lunch with fried onions and all- courtesy of Rebecca and her Dave.

Lunch over, and the great trek home began.

As always, we had tons of leftover food and snacky things and alcohol, and we went home with the box almost as full as it had been on the way there!

And I nearly forgot- I took a batch of vanilla cupcakes with me, decorated with blue butter icing, and they went down rather well. The kidlets especially LOVED them!! When there were none left they were literally licking the icing off the lid of the Tupperware container they’d been in!

So what all did we see this time?





Blue wildebeest


Field mouse

Black-backed jackal




Vervet monkeys

Red-crested korhaan

Fork-tailed drongo

Fiscal shrike

Black-headed oriole (a first)

A hornbill (not sure which one as it was silhouetted)

Dark-capped bulbul

Groundscraper thrush

White-browed scrub robin (another first for us)

Juvenile reed cormorant

Wailing cisticola (another first- in the photograph above)


Helmeted guineafowl

You can read ExMi’s post here and Rebecca’s post here, and you can check out my Flickr link for some photos from the weekend.


…come play on my rollercoaster…

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  1. awww, it sounds like you all had such a good weekend. i *wish* we’d known more in advance, jon and i are both so keen for the next one 😀

  2. I’m SO jealous! Not only did you get to spend a weekend with two LOVELY ladies…you got to spend some time in the “wild”. I’m sure there are game farms around Cape Town somewhere. I should look into that. Surely it’s not all reserved for the Gautengers! 🙂

    As for being a boy mommy…oi…I don’t know if I realize what I’m letting myself in for…
    .-= acidicice´s last blog ..I screwed up… =-.

  3. I LOVED it. and you are right, running around after little boys is VERY hard work. in fact, the only thing that made me sad about the whole weekend was that I feel like I didn’t ever really get to sit down with you and chat about important, grown up things LIKE YOUR WEDDING. but, nevermind, i am already planning a dinner for the six of us adults ONLY when i get back from the uk and we’ll definitely chat about that then. xoxoxooxxx
    .-= The Jackson Files´s last blog ..Of the weekend past =-.

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