Crutches Are The New Must Have Accessory!

At least- thats what I reckon!

On Saturday, when I stepped in the hole at the Rocking The Gardens concert, it hurt like a mother trucker! My body was beaded with a cold sweat and I couldn’t move… but it eased and despite a little swelling it felt okay. Until about 30 minutes later. The pain was coming in waves which inbetween were barely noticable, but were all but making me cry when one of them engulfed me again! I’ve never felt anything like it!

Having always been too chicken to climb trees of climb onto the house roof and such, and never having played any sport, I’ve never broken a bone or torn a ligament or even really sprained anything. I had no idea it hurt so much!

I spent Sunday in bed with my foot up, trying to get comfortable and popping pain killers that did nothing. I missed out on Sexpo 🙁 because it hurt even to just hobble to the loo… But I went to work on Monday. I organised a lift with a colleague so I didn’t have to try and drive, and I took myself off to the office. My ankle was bandaged, and I figured I’d be okay so long as I kept it fairly still- but it hurt more and more through the day and by about lunchtime my foot was swollen and my toes looked like sausages!

I got home and stayed sitting after rubbing on some more salve and bandaging it up again… and waited for my Glugs to get home and help me up the stairs.

We then did some driving around to fetch our first week’s Diet-In-A-Box and to drop the knucklehead’s buddy off at home, and then I went to bed and again spent most of the night trying to get comfy.

My Glugs’ took me to the doctor first thing Tuesday morning, and after a brief exam the doc sent me for x-rays. There’s no break or fracture, no real bruising, and no obviously torn ligaments, but there is ligament damage and a lot of swelling. So she organised a Voltaren shot, 2 days with my foot up at home, decent pain meds and crutches. I’m still waiting for the ankle-brace as they didn’t have one for me, and she wants me to have physio in a few days…


So I’m on crutches for the first time in my life! Just the brief trip from the doctor’s room to the car nearly killed me!! I dunno how I’m going to manage when I go back to work tomorrow… And my other knee still hurts from when I fell on it! Oy… Wish me luck, bunnies!

25 thoughts on “Crutches Are The New Must Have Accessory!

  1. all bunnies: thanx for all the sympathy… I’m now in the brace, and on one crutch, and I have a constant dull ache… but it is getting better.
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Add A Caption =-.

  2. Hey Angel,

    Do the physio! I have twisted my ankles 7 times between both of them and torn all the ligaments in 1. If I had got it sorted the first time each, it may not have happened again. Then again if I gave up extreme sports, that may have also helped!!!!
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Salt Water & Camels =-.

  3. Ai. Not nice. I couldn’t imagine having to walk on crutches. I have NO upper body strength. I would die.

    You’re a trooper. Best of luck!
    .-= acidicice´s last blog ..Test =-.

  4. That sucks. Glad it’s not broken though! Hope the Voltaren helps and that it’s all better soon. In the meantime, maximise on the sympathy factor and make sure the two men in your life take vary good care of you 😉
    .-= Tamara´s last blog ..Random thought streaming =-.

  5. I can really sympathise – broke two bones in my foot a few years ago. Crutches are pits but you will get the hang of it. Good luck for going back to work. Hope you feel better soon.
    .-= Annamarie´s last blog ..Love has a colour … =-.

  6. Brigitte: hardly any bruising, just very swollen. And I start physio in a few days.

    Gilz: 🙂

    Cheryl Mac: I have been home- yesterday and today.

    Mellisoo: thank you muchly

    Julia: I don’t need a bell… I can bellow! 😉

    boldly benny: the crutches I’m renting, and the brace is mine, so I have a head’s up. They don’t tell you stuff like that though.

    momcat: I’m pretty sure the x-rays were good… my foot still feels “fat”, but the painkillers definitely help.

    Tay: ta…

    Shebee: I did indeed get the silver ones!

    Sally: I have some pretty good painkillers now thanx 😀

    Wenchy: holy crap- both!!?!

  7. I’m very surprised that the xrays didn’t show up anything broken. When I cracked my wrist years ago I can remember the most excruciating pain imaginable that just wouldn’t be eased. I just hope that the xrays have given a true picture and no cracks are hiding away. Just look after yourself anyway and let the menfolk wait on you.
    .-= momcat´s last blog ..Seen on the street. =-.

  8. Shame, this is not fun! I was in major pain last year because I damaged all the ligaments in my ankle. Just take it easy and give yourself the time to rest. Just a word, that I learnt: when you get the ankle brace and crutches you have to pay for them and most medical aids don’t cover them. It usually costs R2000 for both. My doctor did not explain this to me and I had a hefty bill to pay!
    Hope you feel tops soon.
    .-= boldly benny´s last blog ..Weekend greatness =-.

  9. Crutches are the new bling. Take it easy and use the disabled parking bays. Also, get a little bell thingy that you can ring for “room service”.

  10. Shame my sis. I know exactly how that feels!! Just make sure the doctor has treated it properly so that you don’t battle with it for the rest of your life. Did your foot go a nice blue colour? or did it just swell up?
    Sorry you’re so sore. I really hope it starts to get better quickly.
    .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..SHOCKING TRUTH =-.

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