Aaaaaaaand The Winner Is…

LOUISA!!! Soon to be uber-mom and author of 1-2-3 Blog Myself!

Lemme tell you bunnies- picking a winner was NO easy task!

I went through the entries over and over again, hosing myself at each one! I made up different versions of the picture with the captions on them. I thought of putting up a pole- but decided you’d all be too biased


I eventually narrowed the list to my favourites and emailed it to friends and colleagues who do not read my blog (and without the names of the entrants, to make it fair) and asked them to help me choose one. When they mailed me back I gave a point to each selection. It was quite funny how their choices out of my favourites were not at all what I expected!



And here it is! The picture with Louisa’s winning caption on it!


Thank you all so much for playing along!!!


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