My New Baby

My darling Glugster called me on Friday morning- after I had had trouble with my 10 year old Corsa yet again on Thursday afternoon- and asked me if I’d like an Audi A3. I said of course I would, and only half listened when he said he was buying it. I then Tweeted in excitement- of course (and if you don’t know what that means then where the fork have you been) and realised I wasn’t sure if he was ACTUALLY buying the car right then, or just looking. So I sent him a text to ask if he was serious. He phoned me back and quite literally had me speechless apart from giggles as he told me my new baby had already been removed from the showroom floor! She’s brand new! They’ll be phoning me shortly for insurance details!

These are cell phone pictures from the dealer of my new car! She doesn’t even have a license plate yet!!


This is her “home page“! When the one on screen stops spinning- make it silver and leave the rims as they are. Thats what I’m fetching on Saturday morning! She’s a 1.9 TDI too- so I’m going to have to be very careful when I put my foot down!!!

As soon as we go and fetch her you can be sure I’ll be taking ample pictures! Prepare to be nauseated!

Edited to add: the car will be ready and licensed and everything by Wednesday, but I’m only fetching the car on Saturday because I won’t be able to get to the dealership in the week before they close,¬†AND then I’d have to drive it home in the dark… so fetching if Saturday is groovy with me as then I can drive around and show it off! ūüėÄ


A couple of days ago, Pink Hair Girl posted about some bright pink Dr Martens 8ups that she wanted, and it reminded me that I haven’t been on the Doc’s site for quite some time…

So I went back there… and I found SOOOO many Docs that I want!! I do love my docs so… Did you even know there was such a stunning range of shoes made by Dr Marten- with Bouncing Soles and everything!??!?

Happy Turkey Day

Here’s wishing my friends across the sea a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I hope its a glorious weekend filled with love and friendship.


and no- I did not bake these… I wish I had!

The 2009 Sibling Supper!!!

We had a fabulous evening, as always! da Bruvva made his famous spagbol, Sister C made a delish green salad, Sister B made a starter of crackers with mussels on and I took cupcakes decorated with white butter frosting and little mistletoe thingies.

Unfortunately, my little Fuji Finepix¬†camera¬†is not picking up that there’s a memory card in it, and the photos that have been saved “to internal memory” need a cable to get them off- which I can’t find! My¬†Pentax has gone in for repairs as it has suddenly decided it doesn’t recognise lenses… or some such. Hopefully I’ll get it back soon ‘coz I’m quite lost without it, and there’s lots happening soon so I need it!

The gifts were mindblowingly horrid- as always- and its always so funny to unwrap them!

I got my sister C’s gift this year- which is a wind chime involving furry cats and a little¬†basket… the detailed pictures are on the Finepix- so I can’t show you yet. Sister B got da bruvva’s gift- a pair of pottery cats and mushrooms reminiscent of the pottery “Mexicans” and cactii¬†people used to like to hang on their outside¬†walls… Sister C got Sister B’s gift- a set of pink and white porcelain pieces- a dog and a vase- like you used to be able to swop for old clothes from those ladies who walked door to door. And da Bruvva got my gift. I had “wrapped” it in a brown¬†KFC bag, which I thought was appropriate. Its a chicken. A polystyrene chicken covered in real feathers. It weighs next to nothing, and its quite hideous!

And I won!!! Hands down this year- I gave the best worst gift!!!

Here are some photies for your viewing pleasure.

The Ankle Saga…

I know you’re all waiting to hear about our annual sibling supper- and its coming soon I promise… I just thought I’d mention the ankle first. ūüôā

This past Saturday it was 7 weeks since I damaged the ligaments in my right ankle. 7 WEEKS!!!¬†And yesterday for the first time, it didn’t ache all the time! Yesterday and today I can actually walk on it without the crutch and it doesn’t hurt with every step.

It still hurts, make no mistake, especially when I sleep without the brace on and I twist it in my sleep… and after a day at work which includes driving myself to and fro.

I have gained a lot of mobility but I’m nowhere near as flexible as I was yet. I’m still doing physio, and I’m doing the exercises she gave me that I can do myself… but it’ll still be a while before I can wear my beloved Nine West’s again ūüôĀ

Its getting better at last! I am so so happy! And I am determined to go to Oz without needing the crutch.