My Damien In Pictures!

Jeanette published a few more of the pictures of my knucklehead that she took on Sunday.

They are so true to how my knucklehead is!

At one point on Sunday I asked her is she had gotten pictures of Damien yet, and she answered that she had- but that he doesn’t stand still for very long. I had to giggle because he really doesn’t. I have gotten used to a lot of his ways having lived with him all these years- but people who haven’t spent a lot of time with him are often surprised with how “active” and loud he can be, even when he is medicated.

Few people have seen him off his meds though… 😉 Thats a whole ‘nother kettle of bananas!

15 thoughts on “My Damien In Pictures!

  1. So true, I know with m one any picturs I do have of him are blurred due to the fact that he can’t stand/sit still… But such blessings they are.. True what you say, we get used to it whereas other people feel tired just looking at our boys! lol.. Nobosy can say we have not earned our “expression lines”…. lol

  2. WOW… those pics truly are awesome!!
    I love the fact that you chose such a natural setting.. makes it look relaxed and everyday.
    Thank you for sharing with us
    .-= Briget´s last blog ..2 years later.. =-.

  3. I totally get it. I’m used to my son being like that but some days (specifically when I’m PMS) it does drive me batty!
    I really love the pictures of him.

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