My Wish For You…

…is one of peace and fellowship with loved ones.


I know it sounds generic and all- but I think its something far too many of us take for granted. No matter what Christmas has become, and no matter how you celebrate it (if at all) its the ideal time to tell the people you love just how special they are to you. I wish- every year- that I could visit every single person who I consider a friend of mine, and tell them in person “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” You all, who visit me on this space on the interwebs, and read my drivel and leave me comments, you make my day that little bit more exciting. And the people I have met through online playing like Twitter and blogging!!?!? Wow… I mean REALLY wow!!! I have such awesome friends- people I genuinely care for. People who support me, and care about me, and who ask how its going and really want to know the answer.


This year, we will be spending Christmas Eve with my soon to be in-laws and my precious knucklehead, and Christmas Day will be spent with one of my siblings and my folks at my sister B’s house. As much as a part of me longs to stay home and chill with my two men, I am looking forward to spending a special day with close family. Even though we drive each other nuts on occasion, and we all have very different opinions and lifestyles, my siblings and my parents and I like to spend time together- and I am very very blessed because of it.


I could honestly never have raised my knucklehead alone had I not had my parents around the corner from me- literally. They never hesitated to drop everything and have Damien if I had to work, or to take time off work and go with me to meetings at ths school, or fetch and carry me when our car broke down… I pray that the people I love and care about can have loved ones like mine. Family who genuinely care, and who back each other up and support each other no matter what. Ours is not a family to be tanlged with lightly 🙂


So before this gets beyond serious- this year, as I spend it with the people nearest and dearest to me, I wish you- all of you- a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

From my heart.

Empty Nest Syndrome

You know- it struck me the last few days- I think I’m beginning to know what it feels like…

It’s described as follows: It’s not a term you’ll find in many medical text books, but it has become a useful phrase for encapsulating the feelings of sadness and loss that many women experience when their children no longer live with them or need day-to-day care.




These days the knucklehead is away from home a lot, either with friends or with his girlfriend, and when he is home he has friends over or he’s busy doing his own thing.

When my Glugs and I go out it’s usually just the two of us. I often come home after work to an empty house. Damien texts me to let me know where he is, because he knows I’ll go nuts if I don’t know he’s okay… but he’s on his own mission.

And it’s going to be even more so when he gets his license of course.

It was always just him and I… he still does stuff with me- its not like he’s embarrassed to be seen with me- but it’s very seldom now, and usually only on special occasions.


Some days I miss him something awful!

Lookit The Lights!

Last night, after fetching jewellery and having cupcakes collected, my Glugs and I drove through to Lawley Road in Pretoria to see the Christmas lights. I’d never heard about it, but apparently its an annual thing where almost every house in the street puts lights up all over their houses and walls and such! Its well known since we were part of quite a convoy that slowly toured both sides of the not-so-wide residential street in a very upmarket suburb of Pretoria.

I tried to get some photies so you can have a glimpse of what the street looks like…

Really Trying Not To Panic…

Help Button



And I am so failing at sticking to my own rule number one- “don’t panic”!!


I find myself getting butterflies when I start thinking about how much I still need to do before we go to Australia on Saturday evening, and I am fast running out of time! I have so far managed to distract myself from the butterflies- who have now taken to grabbing the lining of my stomach and yanking on it instead of just fluttering– with work since I am not yet on leave… but that doesn’t work all day. And driving home I can barely focus on the road!

And I have even less time than I would like because we’re spending Christmas Eve with my Glugster’s folks, and Christmas with my family!


Our visas and paperwork are all sorted so that’s out of the way… but in terms of packing I am waaaay behind!

We still only have one decent sized suitcase, I need to get little padlocks for the bags, and I want to get some funky ribbons to tie to the handles- a little trick I picked up on my recent trip to CT.

I have a letter from the one doctor for my asthma meds but I still need a letter from my homeopath because I sure as hell can NOT go without hayfever meds…

I have finished the Christmas shopping for mine and Glug’s nieces and nephews, but I haven’t finished shopping for my BBF and I so badly wanted to take pressies for them- and I haven’t wrapped anything yet!

I still need to get parcels for them from my mommy darling and from her mommy darling.

I need to finish the list of things for the knucklehead to keep an eye on while we’re away (and don’t get me started on how nervous that makes me). And I am worried about leaving my precious furbabies for two whole weeks… especially Taxi.

I wanted to write a few blog posts and schedule them for while we’re away as my laptop is not going with me… haven’t done that yet! AND I am waaaay behind on blog reading!

I have a cupcake order to deliver, I want to see the Christmas lights in Lawley Street, I still want to bake cupcakes for Christmas, and I need to fetch bracelets that were ordered as gifts from Tanya! And I wanted to write a blog post for my wedding planning blog about the bracelets I already got from her- they’re too beautiful!


I know I’ll be ready in time, I just dunno if I’ll manage to do everything I want to do before then 🙁


I can hardly believe it’s almost time to go! When I put the ticker on my blog it was still a hundred and seventy something days to go and it seemed like an absolute aaage! Then all of a sudden it was fifty days… then twenty days… then seven days… and today it says three! Three days!!


Breathe. Deep in… slowly out… just breathe…

Cupcakes, Surprises and Anniversaries!

This weekend past, I flew down to Cape Town on Saturday morning to attend acidicice’s baby shower.

The flight was nerve-wracking as I’ve never flown on my own before, but my Glugster took me as far as the boarding gate and from there I found the boarding gate on my own.

I baked cupcakes and I was a little worried about taking them that far- but they were fine, and I had lots of compliments and questions on the plane, with an air hostess trying to bribe me with a cup of coffee!

When I checked in I forgot to ask for a window seat, so initially I was between two siblings with their brother in front of me! Once we were in the air I switched with the one in front of me and then I had an open seat next to me- nice. Well… it started nice… until I realised that the couple sitting in front of me had a little baby and a 2 year old with them! The baby cried pretty much non-stop for the entire flight and for the first time in my life I found myself wishing I had an i-pod!! I could eventually distract myself with my book… but it wasn’t easy.

Coming home I got a window seat, but not without some drama!

We were at Cape Town airport in time, and I was in the check-in queue for several minutes, but I missed the final check-in call for my flight and by the time I got to the front it had closed! I then headed for the standby queue to see if they could put me on the next one, but it was full! I ended up buying another ticket home which took off two hours later than the first one! And the one hinge on my Motorola phone broke so it now opens and closes with some difficulty… though it still works so I’ll see how long I can stick it out.

The delay in my departure meant I could have a milkshake and a bit of a chat with acidicice and her hubby before leaving and that was cool, even though the Wimpy at CT International (overlooking the runway) has the WORST service ever!!

As for the flights… I seriously think airlines need to be able to offer one flight a day between major airports where there are no kids on the plane!

Anyhoodle, I think acidicice knew her baby shower was on the Saturday- but she didn’t know I would be there. Between Leeza who did all the organising and acidicice’s hubby- we managed to keep it a secret and I was at the shower venue when she arrived! It was uber cool to see her again!
The shower was great fun! Leeza went out of her way to make it fabulous with decorations, games and prizes, and I got to meet some Twitter people I have been following for a while but not met yet! I met Cazpi, Ann_Wilson, cc_monkey, anib, whizper2me and al_ice!! These ladies call them selves “the pink drinks girls”!! Thank you for the welcome and the laughs girls!!
After the shower, acidicice and I stayed at her place and looked at her baby things and watched a movie and chilled till quite late! It was pretty darn cool lemme tell you.

The next morning acidicice’s hubby made us breakfast and then we set off for the airport… where the drama ensued!


My darling Glugster fetched me from the airport, and we eventually got home around 4pm-ish.
At 5:30pm we headed out again to attend my sister C’s 5th anniversary of sobriety service at Elim Clinic! I had wanted to bake cupcakes for her but because I flew two hours later than I was supposed to I didn’t have time…
After the candle-light Christmas service we went to sister C’s house for some cake and tea and a bit of a visit before heading home again.

I was knackered by then and pretty much went home to bed… though I battled to fall asleep for a while.