What A Day!

I celebrated my birthday with a party yesterday.

And no- don’t panic- you did not forget! My birthday is actually on December 28th, but because its slap bang in the middle between Christmas Day and New Years I celebrate it early. I’ll also be away on my birthday this year, so I wanted to celebrate with my son, friends and family before we leave for Oz.


I invited a whole lot of friends and family over to our house yesterday to celebrate with me and lemme tell you bunnies- my house has never been that full! It was quite spectacular how many people came to my birthday party! I was beyond flattered! At one point there were maybe 50 people- and so many many children! It was so very wonderful and noisy and fun and glorious and smile inducing!

I baked 3 different kinds of cupcakes for the day! I did a chocolate one with a strawberry inside, decorated with strawberry flavoured butter icing, confetti sprinkles and a fresh raspberry. I did a chocolate one with caramel inside, decorated with caramel, chocolate fudge icing and hundreds-and-thousands. And I baked blueberry cupcakes with purple butter icing, silver dragees and fresh blueberries! I have a little cupcake stand now and they were beautifully displayed too! And they disappeared at a rate of knots lemme tell you!! And there were lots of nibbly and snacky things and sweeties for the kidlets.


And lawdy was I spoilt!!! Bunnies- I got so many gawjiss gifts!! Everything from cookies to jewellery and pot plants!! I adore pot plants and I have always had plants in my home- now I have two more! And the jewellery… wow! Home made biscuits, a cupcake cookie jar, glass cutting boards with cupcakes on! A cupcake recipe book with 500 recipes in it!! Gift vouchers, a handbag, a picture frame, cash, chocolates, flowers, a cupcake cookie tin… it was just mind-blowingly fabulous!

You guys know me so well!!

A huge MASSIVE thank you to my mommy and daddy darling, my granny darling, my soon to be in-laws, Sweets and her boys, my Glugs’ bestest best friend and his wife with their kidlets in tow, Sister B and her men, Gix and Anelle with their kidlets, Sister C and Danielle and da Bruvva with his family (including SuperNathan)!

And thank you to Wenchy and Noid, Laura and Dave with kidlets in tow, Pink Hair Girl and her kidlets, Tanya and J with kidlets in tow, Gina and her men and Jenty and Lance with kidlets in tow! And thank you to Sass and her man, Shebee and Jon, Phillygirl, Jessica and Gary, Charlene and her sister with her boys in tow, Ruby Letters, MamaMeeA and Rebecca and Dave with a sleeping Jackson!


And a huge extra special thank you to my darling Glugster! You worked so hard yesterday, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your love and attention!


As with every party I have- I didn’t mingle nearly enough… and I didn’t take nearly enough pictures!

I’ll load the pics I did get on Flickr later today, and you can see more on Gina and Jenty’s blogs!!

12 thoughts on “What A Day!

  1. How fun, Okay I want to try and mail you one of our holiday cards so please email me your address. I know it will be late but better late then never.

  2. Oh WoW, what more can one ask for? Wish I was there 🙁 Love the pictures of the cupcakes on FB and Jeanettes pics are gawjiss…..as always 🙂

    Love you madly – not long to go 9 more sleepies for me 🙂

  3. Wow! Looks awesome! Quite bummed that nobody seems to have pictures of the cupcakes *drool* I’m sure a few will pop up on Facebook from you though 🙂

    Glad you had a good time hon.
    .-= acidicice´s last blog ..Twismas Tweet Up =-.

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