My Wish For You…

…is one of peace and fellowship with loved ones.


I know it sounds generic and all- but I think its something far too many of us take for granted. No matter what Christmas has become, and no matter how you celebrate it (if at all) its the ideal time to tell the people you love just how special they are to you. I wish- every year- that I could visit every single person who I consider a friend of mine, and tell them in person “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” You all, who visit me on this space on the interwebs, and read my drivel and leave me comments, you make my day that little bit more exciting. And the people I have met through online playing like Twitter and blogging!!?!? Wow… I mean REALLY wow!!! I have such awesome friends- people I genuinely care for. People who support me, and care about me, and who ask how its going and really want to know the answer.


This year, we will be spending Christmas Eve with my soon to be in-laws and my precious knucklehead, and Christmas Day will be spent with one of my siblings and my folks at my sister B’s house. As much as a part of me longs to stay home and chill with my two men, I am looking forward to spending a special day with close family. Even though we drive each other nuts on occasion, and we all have very different opinions and lifestyles, my siblings and my parents and I like to spend time together- and I am very very blessed because of it.


I could honestly never have raised my knucklehead alone had I not had my parents around the corner from me- literally. They never hesitated to drop everything and have Damien if I had to work, or to take time off work and go with me to meetings at ths school, or fetch and carry me when our car broke down… I pray that the people I love and care about can have loved ones like mine. Family who genuinely care, and who back each other up and support each other no matter what. Ours is not a family to be tanlged with lightly 🙂


So before this gets beyond serious- this year, as I spend it with the people nearest and dearest to me, I wish you- all of you- a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

From my heart.

21 thoughts on “My Wish For You…

  1. Look at you with your very own website!!! Happy new year hun, hope it’s a fab one. xxx

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Angel. You have touched on what is of ultimate importance, of course and as always! Family is important. Oddly enough – even those that don’t know how to “be” family are also important. Just as it should be. I am so truly happy that you have always had family around you and supporting you, Angel. As you’ve already noted, you and Damien (and now Neels) are so very, very blessed and for that I am so very, very grateful!
    .-= EternallyCurious´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.

  3. Missing you guys. hope you having fun….in between all the sleeping.
    see ya soon for 30 seconds challenge

  4. Hey girly!
    Happy Holidays! Looks like and sounds like you are having some good ones. Quiet here and that’s fine by me. Quiet = No Drama!
    I am contemplating traveling over the next few years to meet folks before my legs and health completely puke out. Know any good places?
    Been busy as a bee, lots of new things, changes, new directions. But all good stuff, At least I hope so.

    Hugs and Love,

  5. This is lovely. I can tell you know how blessed you are and it is exactly this spirit we should embrace at this time. Merry Christmas to you & yours. <3
    this time. Merry Christmas to you & yours <3
    .-= Stephanie (bad mom)´s last blog ..2030 =-.

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