The 2010 Nerdies Auctions Are Open!


If you pop over here, you may be initially confused by the mother-trucker long list of comments… don’t panic!!

What it comes down to is that if there’s something you’ve seen online that another blogger/ tweeter owns or can provide- you can start bidding on it!

For example, I put in a bid by saying I wanted Cath Jenkin’s heart-shaped sun glasses!

And I am now offering 2 batches of 12 cupcakes after Shebee put in a bid saying she wanted a batch of her favourite strawberry cupcakes with creamcheese icing. The other batch I am offering is chocolate creme-caramel secret-centre with chocolate fudge icing.

Oh, and if someone puts in a bid for something you don’t want to part with, you have to put in a bid yourself!

All the proceeds from this year’s madness go to Wet Nose, so its for a fabulous cause!

She’s Heeeeere!!!

Ferrari’s F10 was launched yesterday!

I’m still trying to get used to seeing Alonso’s name on my beloved red fire engines… I dislike him intently, but anyhoodle. The season gets underway in a few weeks, and Ferrari is determined to make a go of it this year.

My New Sites!

Firstly, I’ve updated my wedding blog- and it has its own domain now!!! Go and see the latest on Angel’s Weddings!! I had another wedding nightmare and you can read all about it there.

And!! Drum roll please!! I have a website for Angel’s Cupcakes now as well!! I am having a Valentines Special that you can check out, and I will be posting pictures of the cupcakes I bake as well as what they cost!

I Went To The Dentist Yesterday

Without Dormicum!

Okay, okay… it wasn’t that much of an achievement.

It was just to chat about the possibility of whitening my teeth, hopefully in time for my wedding. He did have a look at my teeth, and as soon as he started tipping the chair I started sweating and my heart started racing… but I stuck it out because I KNEW he’d be doing nothing more than look.

oh how I would love some of these...
oh how I would love some of these…

See, I smile a lot. I love to smile. People have told me a have a lovely smile. My Glugster loves my smile.

But I don’t like my teeth. Not even a little bit.

All my life my teeth have been small and yellow, and they’re getting darker as I get older. Yes I know- coffee, coke and cigarettes don’t help- but my teeth have never been white, not even before I started smoking. I have also been a grinder most of my life. My canine teeth don’t even have points on them anymore because I’ve ground them away. And when I smile and laugh, I tend to show just about ALL my teeth! I’m always conscious of the fact that they’re small and dark


Its a vanity I know, but its how I feel.

A big part of the issue with whitening my teeth is how sensitive they are. I can’t even use a whitening toothpaste and my teeth hurt within a week… so much so that even breathing is painful! Any kind of bleaching process would simply worsen this, so thats not an option. I am pretty much limited to either veneers or crowns.

Make no mistake, neither one is a cheap process. And both will involve several trips to the dentist and a LOT of drilling!

As much as I would love to have beautiful white teeth… I dunno if I could stand the stress of so many dentist appointments- even with the Dormicum!



I got the quote from the dentist this morning- there’s very little price difference between crowns and veneers– and at R5K per TOOTH, this is SO not going to happen!

I am disappointed of course, but I’ll just have to suck it up and get over it.

Nerdie Nom Nom

Soooo AWESOME!!! Nerdmag is hosting “The Nerdies” again this year!


You can go and nominate your favourite on line personalities right here (Ts & Cs apply).

If you nominate me 5 times, I make it to the next round, which is where the fun REALLY starts- as you will be able to tell if you read the post and the comments on last year’s Nerdies!

And the bonus is that all proceeds raised during the auctions will go towards saving the furbabies at the The Wet Nose Foundation.