Clarity Of Night Writing Contest

I know its short notice, since it closes at 11:00PM January 13, 2010 (USA time), but I thought anyone else out there who likes a little fiction writing might like to try their hand. I have entered, I’m number 113, and it was one of those spur of the moment spontaneous pieces that I didn’t even think about before it poured out of my head. I love it when that happens and its all too seldom!

There are rules- and you can find them on Jason’s blog- and there are also some very cool prizes!

The “Silhouette” Short Fiction Contest

9 thoughts on “Clarity Of Night Writing Contest

  1. Angel, this would have been fun. Your an awesome writer sweetie, good luck. Give me a heads up next time, I’m exactly one day late ha!
    I adore you
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